Initially, ferrets were considered only as wild animals, and no one would have thought to make them at home. Now these are so cute and charming easily compete with cats or dogs.

A ferret is not the easiest choice. The animal requires a lot of attention and special care. When planning to acquire a new friend, you should definitely study the relevant literature.

Buying a ferret it is important to ensure that the animal is housebroken and neutered.

Before buying, you should care about the amenities for the new residents. Ferrets need cage, preferably large size. Should not get a ferret if you plan to place it in the cage permanently. Ferrets need freedom. The cage is used only temporarily for the night or if the animal is one.

In feeding there is a huge number of nuances, so it is recommended to feed them dry food.

What are the disadvantages of this interesting animal?First of all, this unpleasant smell. In childhood ferrets can be aggressive, and often bite. They are very active and noisy animals. They need attention and nurturing.

They live quite long, up to ten years, so you should take care training. We should not be touched funny animals, without training it will become unruly and uncontrollable. Ferrets can get along with everyone as human beings and with other animals if they are on this train. These animals are not recommended for families with young children. Worth the wait, when the child is in the age of reason.

Never predict what a ferret is planning to do. Be sure to monitor the animals. This animal is quite fragile, falling quite undesirable, as well as superheat and subcooling.

They can walk on the street. Main conditions: holding hands or leash and is sure to make the necessary vaccinations. In addition, the vaccines are necessary even in the absence of ferret contacts with the outside world. Walks are entertaining, because they are not a necessity.

It is difficult to conclude whether to get a ferret. Important to approach this seriously, because, despite the cute and funny appearance, it's not a toy.