Piglets castrated at 2-4 months of age. Later castration is fraught with complications in the form of inguinal hernia, as well as a delay in weight gain. Earlier adversely affects the overall resistance of the organism. Adult boars are castrated not later than two months prior to slaughter, prior to feeding.Wash warm water with soap back part of the body of the animal immediately before castration. Wipe dry. Prepare the flock with a thick layer of litter (sawdust and peat are not suitable, only straw) and retention tools (felling, trough, machine).
Зачем кастрировать котов
Secure the animal. Small pig in the trough. Back down. The hind legs of the plant to the head so as to open the surgical field. In domestic veterinary medicine is not usually given General anesthesia during the castration of piglets. It is believed that this negatively affects blood clotting and subsequent healing. Give intramuscular injection of a tranquilizer (e.g., chlorpromazine) and treat the surgical field of an alcohol R-rum of iodine or 70% alcohol solution.
В каком возрасте лучше кастрировать кота
Local anesthesia is carried out with 5% solution of novocaine. It is injected into the interior of each testis (2-5ml) as well as in the upper part of the scrotum where the blood vessels and seminal cords. After the local anesthesia administration wait about a minute. Make a longitudinal incision on the bottom of the scrotum the right testis without cutting a common envelope. The testis to squeeze through the hole and grab with the left hand, the right to push aside the scrotum to the perineum. Pulling the spermatic cord on itself, together with an overall sheath, loop them, and put a piercing or a ligature. The testis is cut below the site of ligation. The remaining stump together with the ligature straighten into the scrotum.
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Repeat the process with the second testis. The skin of the scrotum in young piglets do not sew. Wounds should be treated with terramycin or similar spray or sprinkle antibiotic. Adult boars the skin of the scrotum pre-sew, leaving the bottom of a small wound to drain fluid.
Как себя ведут коты после кастрации