Go to the Sent items folder in your email program. Find accidentally sent a letter (hopefully by customizing and installing Outlook, you have checked the box to save outgoing messages). Click it with the right mouse button and from the drop down menu list, select "Review messages".
In the presence of a desire to finish, to complement the "hurry" letter check the box next to the test "delete unread copies and replace with a new message". Decide whether you want to notify about the return and not read the message the addressee. Check the box or remove it depending on your intentions notification manipulations with return addresses.
Click on "OK", edit the returned email and then send.
When you do not intend to adjust the message text and want to remove a letter, proceed according to the scheme described above, check the box next to "delete unread copies".
Activate the notification on the executed process returns the message. Remember that to return and correct or remove only that email that has not yet been read by the recipient.
Remember that the recipient with the proper settings of their email programs that can receive both your original message and notice of your wish to return an email from his Inbox.
If in your Inbox instead of returned mail, the message on impossibility of return, this means that either the addressee had read the message, or load the filter, sort the mail, and your text is moved to another folder. In this case, you can write to the recipient of a new email and specify that it complements the previously departed.