Advice 1: How to retract a sent email

To cancel sending e-mails, you must meet one of two conditions: you have to use the Gmail service or Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010 and have a Microsoft account, Exchange Server 2000, Exchange Server 2003 or Exchange Server 2007. In all other cases, to revoke sent a letter not possible.
How to retract a sent email
Most free email services don't use Exchange, but if you have an account of this type, and to send e-mail using Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010, follow these steps.
In the section "Mail" in the navigation pane, select the Sent items folder and open the emailyou want to recall. In the "Actions" tab on the "Message" select a team "more actions" and then "Recall this message". Select "Delete unread copies".
Specify to replace a letter for a new or delete it. Select the check box to confirm if the specified action is successfully performed.
In addition to the attempt of the testimonial letters you can send new message, instead of the previous one. For example, if you forgot to attach the attachment, try to withdraw the letter and send with required attachment. The original letter when it is removed from the recipient's mailbox, if it hasn't opened, but instead come new.
To do this, under "Mail" select a folder "Sent". Open the emailthat you want to revoke and replace. In the "Actions" tab on the "Message" then click "Other actions" then "Recall this message". Select "Delete unread copies and replace with a new message".
Click OK to save the changes. Can also remove or add the necessary attachments. Finish the process by clicking "Send".
If you use to send and receive email with Gmail, in your browser, open your Inbox and go to "Settings". Open the tab "Laboratory" and agree to the use of experimental features from Gmail.
Enable "Undo send mail" and save the changes. Now, for a few seconds after sending the letter, you will be able to withdraw the message.

Advice 2: How to save sent emails

Known to have saved copies of outgoing letters is extremely important, but in the case of incorrect settings of the mailbox they can be lost or saved, not where it should be.
How to save sent emails
If you are faced with this problem, sending emails with your mailbox via the browser, check the checkboxes next to "Save copies of sent emails", it is in the settings box. As a rule, letters in this case, it will be automatically saved if they were sent successfully.

With e-mail clients all the more complicated. The letters sent with them are saved in your mailbox on the server, you must configure the client using POP 3 or IMAP with the ability to sync all folders.
For the client Thebat! this process will look as follows:
From the menu select "Create new box", enter your email address and name.
Select IMAP incoming mail server "imap.(the name of the server*).EN", outgoing server is "smtp.(server name).EN", check "My SMTP server requires authentication" (*for example,
Next, enter the email address and password, select "Leave messages on server" and "complete box".
Now select the item in the mailbox properties – "Leave messages on server".
In MS Outlook , the email is also saved by default in the "Sent" folder. It is enough to correctly configure your account: choose in the corresponding box, type the IMAP server and the server information "mail.(server name).EN", then select "email Settings" in the tab "outgoing Server" – "SMTP server requires authentication"– similar to my incoming mail server "mail setup" -> "Save copy in sent".

Also note that Outlook Express is limited to the capacity of the folder, and accordingly, if the file "Sent.dbx" reaches 2 GB, the copy of outgoing messages back becomes impossible, and you want to transfer the data file or deleted.
There is a possibility to set automatic save of sent emails in a special folder on the IMAP server, or you can specify individual folders to multiple recipients.

Advice 3: How to cancel a payment

The calculations in the form of cash held by individuals and legal entities in many different ways – through submitting of the payment document to the Bank using Internet banking or the system "Client-Bank". In any of these cases, you may need to cancel a payment, for example, to correct wrongly specified details or incorrect enrollment.
How to cancel a payment
If you are an individual, with the receipt of "Sberbank" about payment please contact the branch where the payment was made a statement in the name of his Manager. In the statement, which is written in free form, specify the date of payment, the details of transfer and the amount, ask to cancel the payment. The statement do not forget to attach a copy of the receipt. You will have to pay the return operation, the Commission is 50 rubles. Usually the operation takes no more than 3-4 days.
If you undertake transactions on his / her account opened at any Bank, through the connected service "Internet-banking" system, previously consult with a specialist round-the-clock support service of your Bank whether they provide the ability to refund. It depends on the status of who has sent payment at the time of treatment.
Each Bank may have their own rules, but if the payment is already received the status "processed", most likely, you will still have to pay a fee for the refund. Will be free to cancel the payment with the status "sent", it means that its processing has not yet started. You will be asked to enter a verification code before it is activated the button "Withdraw". After clicking, the payment status will change to "new" and you can edit it or completely remove.
When working in the system "Client-Bank", which is used for communication with your Bank many companies, once the decision to recall payment was made, you must call your issuing Bank and inform the teller. Name your organization, the payment number and the amount.
Further actions depend on the software that supports the system "Client-Bank". In any case, you will need to confirm the withdrawal in writing. Send a letter to the Bank in the subject please write: "refund №... from ...". In the letter, state the request to withdraw the payment, and specify why it should be done. Save the letter, click the synchronization procedure, after which it will be sent to the Bank and will be moved to the appropriate folder.
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