The first four weeks of pregnancy – a period which for many moms-go unnoticed. Some women in the first month are not even aware that their body is going through serious changes and starts to develop a new life. That is in the early stages lays the nervous system of the foetus, the internal organs are formed, the formation of the placenta. From the behavior of the woman, her lifestyle, diet and daily regimen depends largely on the normal course of pregnancy and health of the future baby.

The first step is early diagnosis

If a woman notices a missed period or experiencing sudden bouts of nausea and discomfort, you need to buy a pregnancy test. Typically, a reliable result of the test shows in 10-14 days after conception. From this point it is important to take all necessary measures to ensure future child most favorable conditions for development and growth.

Once the test shows a positive result, it is necessary to visit a doctor and to register in female consultations. The sooner the woman will visit the doctor, the better. The specialist will prescribe the necessary examinations, will conduct an ultrasound to confirm a normal pregnancy, will make conclusions about the health of the expectant mother. In the presence of any diseases and disorders the doctor will prescribe timely treatment to minimize the risk of fetal malformations. In the first month of pregnancy is very important to follow all doctor's recommendations and closely monitor its condition. With the appearance of spotting brown discharge, bleeding, swelling and cramping pain should immediately seek medical help.

Nutrition and lifestyle

In the first weeks of pregnancy the placenta, which acts as a natural protective barrier for the fetus, is not formed. Even the common cold during this period can be fatal: a rise in temperature and a viral infection can lead to the fading of pregnancy and miscarriage. In the first month immunity women are naturally weaker, it becomes much more vulnerable, so it is very important in early pregnancy to prevent colds and exacerbations of chronic diseases. To strengthen the health of mother and fetus during the first trimester are advised to take folic acid and iodine-containing drugs, as well as a comprehensive multivitamin for pregnant women.

The expectant mother must avoid stress and rest more, to prevent physical and psychological strain, more walk in the fresh air and eat right. The diet should be balanced and varied, rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and fish, dairy products. From the first days of pregnancy, you should refrain from consumption of junk food, alcohol and tobacco.