When the first signs of pregnancy immediately consult a doctor. He will appoint the necessary studies and outline subsequent action plan. In addition, the doctor will answer all your questions and give advice on nutrition and lifestyle.
If you are not prepared for pregnancy in advance, it is necessary in these early days and weeks begin to heal your chronic disease and raise immunity. Now is the time to do the mouth, cure the tooth decay. Untreated infections can cause problems with pregnancy. If you have chronic cystitis, try not to provoke him aggravation.
The first days are the most dangerous time for the embryo. Even mild cold can result in the sinking of the pregnancy or the emergence of different pathologies of the baby. So try to minimize the likelihood of getting sick. Do not go to crowded places during epidemics of viral diseases, if possible, take a vacation at this time, if you work in a large team. The most insidious disease for pregnant women is rubella. If you're a kid, it did not hurt, be careful - this disease is fraught with a large number of defects in the unborn child.
Get plenty of rest, take good care of yourself, that you care for your child. You need help and the attention of others, because you are busy the most important thing — carrying a child. Possible to temporarily set aside some of the responsibilities you can't lift weights and make sudden movements. Walk in the fresh air, away from the road, eat more vegetables and fruits, avoid stress, learn relaxation.
If you smoke, throw it. If you are not able to completely abandon this habit, then at least reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. Alcohol is also very dangerous, even in small doses. Its use may contribute to the detachment of the ovum.
If you are concerned about nausea and malaise, before getting out of bed eat a few crackers or biscuits made the night before.
Stock up on good books and magazines for expectant mothers, chat on the discussion forums. When the baby gets here, time for this will not be enough.
Immediately contact for medical assistance under the following symptoms:

- brownish or blood-tinged vaginal discharge;
- pain in stomach and back;
- swelling of the face and extremities;
temperature, weakness and dizziness;
debilitating vomiting.