The types of lumbosacral corsets

By appointment distinguish between fixing and correcting corsets. The first kind of orthopedic belts should fix the spine in the most stationary position, while the second supports the back, adjusts and corrects your posture.

According to the degree of rigidity of the isolated semi-rigid and rigid lumbosacral corsets. Semi-rigid belt designed to perform significant physical exertion: prolonged driving, lifting weights. They are also used for sciatica, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, minor but painful injuries, etc., a Rigid corset is worn by patients in the postoperative period. It is also recommended to wear after an injury in the first period of rehabilitation.

How to choose an orthopedic corset

Choose a medical corset is best done with the help of a podiatrist. It is necessary to consider the degree of rigidity of the belt. For acute pain in the spine and diseases that require a reliable fixation of the spine, wearing tight corset.

Of course, if this medical device takes into account the size of the patient. Please check the dimension lines offered by different manufacturers. Some firms indicate as the main parameter of the waist, and the other to the circumference of the waist. It is a different concept. The loin is about 8 cm below the waist, and may vary significantly in girth. If you have the opportunity, be sure to try on the corset before you purchase.

How to wear an orthopedic corset

Rules for the wearing of a lumbar corset is also determined by the doctor. Wearing this medical device may have its own peculiarities depending on the nature of the disease of the lumbar spine. However, there are a number of General provisions that must be followed when wearing lumbosacral corset.

- Limit the time of wearing a corset in six hours. Do not try to hold in the orthopedic belt all day. Tightness and stiffness of the muscles for a long time will lead to fatigue and may cause pain.
- Always remove orthopedic belt for the night.
- Wear a corset if necessary: in case of severe physical or medical advice. Regular wearing of a corset can cause weakening or atrophy of the back muscles.
Not utgivare belt too tight.
- Wear the corset over a cotton linen.