Before you start guessing sleep, you need to consider how you need the answer to your question. Making question, it is important to formulate it. The practice advises to make a prophetic dream from Thursday to Friday.
A dream beyond control. Pictures one after another in our subconscious when we sleep. Trying to reproduce the experienced event, the brain shows us the fragments of our thoughts and actions. Sometimes we want to lift the curtain and look into the future. Prophetic dream will definitely come true, having predicted certain events.
For making dream come true you need to tune in throughout the day and formulate questions. Think about it before going to sleep. Then say one of the ancient conspiracy, which has long established itself: "Make a prophetic dream for tomorrow (say the day of the week, which will come tomorrow). If in the dream, I find something to buy or someone has something to give or give you mean (say what you want to know). But if I dream that I give someone something, or will give, so...(their desire to be put in the negative form)". After the completion of the conspiracy to say, "Oh, my word, and the Holy spirit. Amen."
The plot must be spoken when you are sure that more stand up and speak not going. After the end of the ritual to communicate with people on this subject, also not recommended. Order prophetic dreams have in the last quarter of the waxing moon.
Keep in mind that dreams a dream, after midnight, come true soon. The closer to dawn, the faster it will come to pass by. Prophetic dreams dream on the eve of the big Orthodox holidays. They tell us about the future of man.
Well can help in guessing at the future imaging technique. For this you need to think about the same. Thoughts should be in present tense. It is important to feel the naturalness of what is happening with you.
For greater effect, you can make a vision Board. To stick on the Board can be anything you dream of: travel, wedding, availability of an apartment or car. The more you visualize, and most importantly, believe in what is happening with you, the faster all your dreams come true.
Another way to learn about the future is a prophetic dream through the mirror. Prepare mirror round shape, which should be put under the pillow. At the same time saying: "How light and darkness are reflected in this mirror, so let it be reflected in my future." If you did everything correctly, you will dream of the event, which will be reflected in the mirror. After the ritual, the mirror cannot be used in household needs. Better to hide it and not to show anyone. The mirror should not be found by other people.