Advice 1: How to make a wish to come true

People tend to dream and look forward to the dreams, but our dreams are not always implemented. To help make this happen, they need to properly formulate and believe that everything will be as you want.
How to make a wish to come true
Today there is a lot of literature and countless Internet sites dedicated to the techniques of execution of desires. The essence of all these methods is the direction of the force of thought in necessary for realization with the help of certain rituals.
The first rule, by following which, you can achieve the desired – a positive attitude. Thoughts are material, so always think and dream in a positive direction, rejoice in each day, and accept an insignificant but pleasant moments (the praise of head, good mark child, a surprise visit from an old friend, etc.).
Very effective to make a wish on the emotional lift: under the chiming clock in the night, blowing out their candles on the birthday cake, receiving a gift or good news. If you believe in the magic of numbers, use the moments when on the clock 00:00, 11:11, 22:22 or other combinations that you like, keep the "happy" tickets, remember a "beautiful" number of machines and make no mistake – it will bring you happiness.
Articulate dreams clearly, specifically and without the particle "not" which implies a negation. For example, the expression "Wish I did not cut wages" is incorrect, right – "My salary at the same level (I get more money)". It is best to make wishes in the present tense as if what you want is already implemented: not "Want to lose weight", and "I am beautiful", not "I Want my son admitted to the University," and "My son is a student of the University."
Visualize the dream. Encourage your imagination and imagine the result in the brightest colors. Try to feel at least a fleeting moment of happiness from the fulfillment of desires.
"Let go of" my dream at the time forget about it: you have formulated an order, sent it, and can wait calmly for execution. The main thing – confidence that is conceived will come true. Do not allow thoughts about possible obstacles to the realization of desire.
Be sure to write down the wish on the paper. You can make these goals a Notepad or notebook and describe their dreams. A piece with a desire to get to somewhere safe or burn it and the ashes spreading in the wind: this technique helps to "let go" of the dream.
However, make a clear plan of implementation of the plan and do the maximum that it takes. Does not stipulate the timing and the ways one may desire is realized not as you represent it, and in a completely different way, so don't limit the possibilities of dreams to be fulfilled in the best for you.
Definitely believe that your wish will come true. Do not allow the slightest doubt that it might be otherwise. Dream, believe in success, and all our plans will certainly come true!
To desire fulfilled, it is necessary to make correctly. As in the movie "Up"! The main character was not just made a wish, she visualized it in the album and came up with a little story about how it is implemented. Or like the little boy from the cartoon – he very clearly drew his dream in mind and could describe it in great detail.
Useful advice
How to make a wish to come true! We all have desires and we all want these wishes come true. Even the most impossible.Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn - Your top aides money and food! To make should one wish to carry in your pocket a treasured coin before this wish will come true. Money in the debt at this time no one can give! When guessing is good to chew a few grapes, or gummies.

Advice 2: How to make a wish for the New year that it comes to pass

New year's eve is certainly the most magical time of the year when the make a wish has more chances for execution. During this period the energy stream of good wishes, dreams and hopes into the Universe so powerful that it creates a kind of portal to their reality. The main thing is to formulate your desire, it really fulfilled.
How to make a wish for the New year that it comes to pass

Champagne ritual

Perhaps the most common way to make a wish for the New year is the champagne ritual. It is carried out in several stages. First you need to write your wish on a small piece of paper, then burn it to ashes in an enamel pot or an ashtray. During the battle chimes should dissolve the ashes in a champagne glass and emptied it to the bottom.

This ritual requires some skill, as it need to finish it before the end of the last midnight, symbolizing the last moments of the outgoing year. In addition, the ritual execution of desires Christmas is not suitable for those who has stomach problems and suffers from frequent bouts of heartburn.

Ritual with grapes

Another known method is to make a wish for the New year is a ritual with grapes, which came to us from Sunny Spain. For this ritual you need to prepare 12 grapes and 12 wishes. During the battle chimes should have time to eat all the grapes, muttering to himself the desire for the coming year.

Ritual with a candle

If new year's eve you want to gain magical support for the forces of the fire element, the best way to make desires become a ritual with a lighted candle. For this ritual you will need a long and thin candle. At midnight light the candle and, looking at the fiery flame, say your wish. When the ritual is finished, place a candle in the center of the holiday table. If during the new year celebrations, the candle goes out – so, your wish has been heard and the Universe will come true in the near future.

How to formulate a wish it came true

To desire, thought new year's eve came true, it is important to formulate it. Without a certain inner attitude and the correct thinking of the external attributes that are used in the ritual will be completely useless. How well you formulate your desire, will depend on the extent and speed of its implementation.

To desire quickly come to pass, should make it subject to the following rules:

  • Do not use in your desired, the negative particle "not", for example, instead of "I don't smoke" you can say "I am free from nicotine addiction", instead of "I'm not alone" - "I am loved", instead of "I have no shortage of money" - "I have enough money to buy everything I want", etc.
  • The desire must be specific, so avoid General expressions like language "to me it was good, so I've always been lucky," etc. For example, if you want to buy a car, then you need to think in advance its brand, color, year and equipment.
  • Zagadyvaya desire, we must not only speak it, but to imagine that it's already done, experiencing this immense joy and enthusiasm.
  • To formulate the desire to be in the present tense, avoiding such turns, as "I", "I will" etc, otherwise your desire will remain just a dream.

Advice 3: How to make a wish on the full moon

The full moon is a mystical time, when you really want to in life have been positive changes and fulfill the cherished desire. The power of the moon is very powerful, and it is written during the full moon, the words can have special, indeed magical power.
How to make a wish on the full moon

Select the most cherished desire. You should be overflowing with positive emotions. On the moon you can't make a bunch of wishes, because their energy will block the channel through which your thoughts must reach the goal. Better to concentrate on something one, in this case, you have a much greater chance of success.

It is desirable that at the time of the making of desire, the Moon was clearly visible in the sky. In this ritual a very important eye contact. You have to direct your thoughts at her. Relax, imagine that your desire has already come true. Feel how you are filled with true happiness.

Imagine that your desire is a bundle of energy that you send to the moon. Let's see how you conceived achieves the purpose and is connected with the Moon.

It is known that the human body is 60% water and the Moon has a huge impact on the state of the seas and oceans on Earth. Take a glass of melt water and put it on the window sill. Let the moonlight penetrate water and charge it with your energy. Take a glass in hand and tell the water what you dream of most in life. Speak your desire out loud and drink the water.

Formulate the desire you need very accurately, otherwise the power of the full moon can play a cruel joke with you, and you will not be happy with the fact that the hidden you came true.

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