Today there is a lot of literature and countless Internet sites dedicated to the techniques of execution of desires. The essence of all these methods is the direction of the force of thought in necessary for realization with the help of certain rituals.
The first rule, by following which, you can achieve the desired – a positive attitude. Thoughts are material, so always think and dream in a positive direction, rejoice in each day, and accept an insignificant but pleasant moments (the praise of head, good mark child, a surprise visit from an old friend, etc.).
Very effective to make a wish on the emotional lift: under the chiming clock in the night, blowing out their candles on the birthday cake, receiving a gift or good news. If you believe in the magic of numbers, use the moments when on the clock 00:00, 11:11, 22:22 or other combinations that you like, keep the "happy" tickets, remember a "beautiful" number of machines and make no mistake – it will bring you happiness.
Articulate dreams clearly, specifically and without the particle "not" which implies a negation. For example, the expression "Wish I did not cut wages" is incorrect, right – "My salary at the same level (I get more money)". It is best to make wishes in the present tense as if what you want is already implemented: not "Want to lose weight", and "I am beautiful", not "I Want my son admitted to the University," and "My son is a student of the University."
Visualize the dream. Encourage your imagination and imagine the result in the brightest colors. Try to feel at least a fleeting moment of happiness from the fulfillment of desires.
"Let go of" my dream at the time forget about it: you have formulated an order, sent it, and can wait calmly for execution. The main thing – confidence that is conceived will come true. Do not allow thoughts about possible obstacles to the realization of desire.
Be sure to write down the wish on the paper. You can make these goals a Notepad or notebook and describe their dreams. A piece with a desire to get to somewhere safe or burn it and the ashes spreading in the wind: this technique helps to "let go" of the dream.
However, make a clear plan of implementation of the plan and do the maximum that it takes. Does not stipulate the timing and the ways one may desire is realized not as you represent it, and in a completely different way, so don't limit the possibilities of dreams to be fulfilled in the best for you.
Definitely believe that your wish will come true. Do not allow the slightest doubt that it might be otherwise. Dream, believe in success, and all our plans will certainly come true!