Advice 1: How to make a wish to come true

People tend to dream and look forward to the dreams, but our dreams are not always implemented. To help make this happen, they need to properly formulate and believe that everything will be as you want.
How to make a wish to come true
Today there is a lot of literature and countless Internet sites dedicated to the techniques of execution of desires. The essence of all these methods is the direction of the force of thought in necessary for realization with the help of certain rituals.
The first rule, by following which, you can achieve the desired – a positive attitude. Thoughts are material, so always think and dream in a positive direction, rejoice in each day, and accept an insignificant but pleasant moments (the praise of head, good mark child, a surprise visit from an old friend, etc.).
Very effective to make a wish on the emotional lift: under the chiming clock in the night, blowing out their candles on the birthday cake, receiving a gift or good news. If you believe in the magic of numbers, use the moments when on the clock 00:00, 11:11, 22:22 or other combinations that you like, keep the "happy" tickets, remember a "beautiful" number of machines and make no mistake – it will bring you happiness.
Articulate dreams clearly, specifically and without the particle "not" which implies a negation. For example, the expression "Wish I did not cut wages" is incorrect, right – "My salary at the same level (I get more money)". It is best to make wishes in the present tense as if what you want is already implemented: not "Want to lose weight", and "I am beautiful", not "I Want my son admitted to the University," and "My son is a student of the University."
Visualize the dream. Encourage your imagination and imagine the result in the brightest colors. Try to feel at least a fleeting moment of happiness from the fulfillment of desires.
"Let go of" my dream at the time forget about it: you have formulated an order, sent it, and can wait calmly for execution. The main thing – confidence that is conceived will come true. Do not allow thoughts about possible obstacles to the realization of desire.
Be sure to write down the wish on the paper. You can make these goals a Notepad or notebook and describe their dreams. A piece with a desire to get to somewhere safe or burn it and the ashes spreading in the wind: this technique helps to "let go" of the dream.
However, make a clear plan of implementation of the plan and do the maximum that it takes. Does not stipulate the timing and the ways one may desire is realized not as you represent it, and in a completely different way, so don't limit the possibilities of dreams to be fulfilled in the best for you.
Definitely believe that your wish will come true. Do not allow the slightest doubt that it might be otherwise. Dream, believe in success, and all our plans will certainly come true!
To desire fulfilled, it is necessary to make correctly. As in the movie "Up"! The main character was not just made a wish, she visualized it in the album and came up with a little story about how it is implemented. Or like the little boy from the cartoon – he very clearly drew his dream in mind and could describe it in great detail.
Useful advice
How to make a wish to come true! We all have desires and we all want these wishes come true. Even the most impossible.Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn - Your top aides money and food! To make should one wish to carry in your pocket a treasured coin before this wish will come true. Money in the debt at this time no one can give! When guessing is good to chew a few grapes, or gummies.

Advice 2 : When and how to make wishes

To fulfilled desire, in addition to the effort, people invent rituals. In the New year, holidays and ordinary days, the dreamers perform simple sequences of actions in the hope that it will attract luck.
When and how to make wishes

In order to desire fulfilled, it is important to make. Formulating, never use the particle "not". Don't say "don't want to be full", tell yourself "I Want to be slim and attractive".

Speaking desire, keep in mind all the little things. Destiny is a lady who has a great sense of humor and will not miss the opportunity to make fun of you. Don't say "Want to go on a cruise" or "I Want next year to drive a brand new BMW, after all, in your desired location you can get as a cleaner or a hired driver. Formulating desire, keep in mind all the way up to the sensations that you have is a dream come true, the smell of the new seats in the car and taste the salty spray of the waves.

Making a wish, you must firmly believe that it will come true. For reliability, you can think of ritual: for example, to carry in your pocket a coin as long as the dream doesn't come true, or not to leave home without a chain, which brings you happiness.

Often, visualize your desire. For example, imagine in all colors that you have already lost. You catch admiring glances of men on the streets, wearing tight pants, and they are you at the right time. Can dream up, how to improve your personal life after you lose weight.

Make a plan of execution of desires – so the fate will be easier to help you. Indicate what steps will you take in order to fulfill scheduled and how much time you need.

To figure out the perfect way of making desire, be guided by your zodiac sign and its element. If you're an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, is a fire element. At dusk, light a candle and write on a sheet of paper his dream. Periodically re-read written in the light of the same candle. After the conceived was executed, a note should be burned.

Fish, Crayfish and Scorpions chief assistant is water. You can make a wish on a river or lake looking into the water surface. Or write a wish on a piece of paper, make a boat and put it on the water.

Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo will help food and money. Zagadyvaya desire, eat a few grapes, or gummies. While the desire is not fulfilled, you should not lend.

For Gemini, Libra and Aquarius assistants will be clouds. Being in good company, raise your head up and make a wish. After that, it will surely come.

Advice 3 : What you need to do to fulfill the desire

To some people success comes quickly and easily, they are like magnets attracting good luck. Others are unsuccessfully trying to overcome the wall losses and failures, fill his bumps on his forehead and often give up. The algorithm of the fulfillment of desires does not require much effort, but the results will surprise you.
What you need to do to fulfill the desire

Disassemble your desires

Each new day brings us new needs and desires. As a result of desires is so much that they lose their value and importance. To get the result from each area of your life select one most important to you wish. Remember that the desire to be born in your soul, and not dictated by the people around you.

The desire requires the correct wording

Many dreams remain as unfulfilled desires due to incorrect wording. Start each your desire with the words "I want...". I am a very powerful word that runs the processes of the Universe, accumulating the flow of energy and when used correctly becomes the strongest tool. But one "I" is not enough. Pay attention to the words that follow on. "Ought to...", "I Wish..." and any phrase with the particle "to" indicates your helplessness and uncertainty. All this information is sent to the Universe in the you – helpless and uncertain about their life purpose. If you did not manage to correctly formulate the desire, and in his pronunciation sense of inner rejection, think about it, maybe it's the desire you are inspired by others and is not truly yours.

No "no" and "no"

Our minds aren't familiar with the negative wording, so the desire will be fulfilled without the particle "no". What we get in result? Deepest fears will become reality, but the dream will remain waiting to happen.

On the time, date and venue

The dream must not be abstract. Every desire must have a clear temporal and spatial framework. If you want to buy my apartment, thinking "I want an apartment" would not be sufficient. Determine where it will be, how many rooms to have, what time you want to buy it, even the color of the Wallpaper in the hallway can choose.

To desire a reality will require significant changes. This will affect your environment, lifestyle, place of work. If you want a higher wage, then it is likely that you will lose the current place of work, but do not despair, the universe leads you to great achievements, and not far off you will find an interesting and well-paid position.

"Manuscripts do not burn"

Whatever you want, write down on a sheet of paper. If you allow imagination and skills to draw what you want or bring any pictures from magazines.

Daily pronounces their desire for 5-7 minutes, this time try to imagine how you are already the happy owner of something you want so badly. Here you drink a fragrant tea in your own kitchen, arrange get-togethers with friends, travel to relax on a remote island, or get behind the wheel of a new car.

And the main thing...

Remember that desire demands action. Break the goal into several sub-points, each of which will be time-bound and specific solutions. The universe always helps persistent in your life to meet the right people, opens the way, but only if you are going to act.

Advice 4 : How to make wish come true in one day

There are many people who want to make a wish come true 1 day. In fact, you can actually achieve the desired performance in no time, if you make some effort.
You can make the wish come true in one day
To wish for 1 day, it should be very strong and motivate you so that you will not find a place while it won't come true. There is even a special method of visualization, when a person continuously is that we have already achieved the desired, for example, operates the car of your dreams is in a relationship with a girl, in love with, etc. Some people believe that thoughts have a real basis, and the universe is able to obey the man and give him what he wants.
If you want to make a wish come true for one day, try to make something that can actually come true. For example, a girl can wish any young man would pay her attention and desire of the person with financial difficulties may be the appearance of the much-anticipated source of income. Thus, first and foremost, it is important not just something to want, and to set a specific and attainable goal.
Not expect miracles and that wish came true in one day itself. First of all, consider what actions on your part led to the most rapid achievement of the goal. For example, if we turn to the examples already given, the girl may commit only one act that will force the young man to pay attention to it and even admire it. It can be a beautiful photo or a video, poem or song of his own composition, available on the Internet. And sometimes to Express your feelings, you just need to have the courage to call or write the. The man, who dreams to earn, it may one day post my detailed resume, to view his methods of earnings in the network and in your city, and it also will bring certain results.
Gather together all the knowledge and skills that will help quickly achieve the desired. It can be advice of successful people, friends and relatives, peers or teachers at school and University, etc. In my life a person accumulates is just a huge wealth of knowledge, and if they consistently organize and try to apply in appropriate situations, you will be almost unattainable goals.
It is important not to despair and not to lower hands, even if it seems that wishes do not come true so quickly. If you make at least the minimum efforts and take effective action, you still get at least closer to achieving its goal even for one day. And if we continue again and again to move in the right direction, the end result will not keep itself waiting long.
Useful advice
Try to make the first come true the most simple and achievable wish. This will help you to understand how to manage their aspirations and guide them in the right direction. Quickly achievable goal will motivate you to implement more sophisticated.

Advice 5 : How to make a wish for money

The world in which we live - the material. Therefore, in order to live, we need water, food, shelter. And for a comfortable existence in this world, everything else needs a lot of different things and accessories. And money to pay for it all. And money, as you know, not much happens. Someone wants to buy a new car, someone is missing on a blouse, and some even not enough for food. Perhaps anyone who wants to be a millionaire, or at least to live comfortably, but for once finds himself in a difficult financial position. And sometimes it happens that a lack of money captures the man and he is at the very edge of the abyss called "despair".
But do not despair. There are simple truths that are not known to everyone. After knowing them you might discover the essence of a monetary egregor and your financial situation stabiliziruemost.
How to make a wish for money


What is money really

Money in the coarsest view is the paper coated with the denomination. If a few centuries ago, the money had some value, for example, was gold or silver coins, now in most cases they are virtual. In fact, money is not even tangible assets, it is the energy of material well-being of a person. Without this energy person in our society are very hard, because the whole system is built solely on money power.

How to get cash energy

There are four ways to obtain money energy: to steal or borrow, to find, to endow, to earn. Let us examine each method.

  1. To steal or borrow. If you are stealing money from others, for it always comes the reckoning. Even if you manage to avoid the criminal code, you still have to pay all of without a trace and with great interest. With the money borrowed, is exactly the same thing, even if you take them from loved ones. When you take a loan, you spend energy, which you have not yet. When it comes time to repay, you give now your energy again ... not to be missed. It should be noted that to lend too should not. If you really want to help people, better give the amount that you can spare to give.
  2. To find the money. All the money that you found or won't bring you gain. The money also will soon be gone from your life, the way you came.
  3. Can receive donations. Money you can get a gift from the man. With that kind of money you can do whatever you want. However, in this situation, the donor himself should wish to give you a gift, that is their own.
  4. Earn. The most common, but the most effective way is earnings. Man spends his physical and mental energy, and then to fill its monetary energy, and it subsequently changes to the material energy (food, water), which, in turn, gives strength to compensate for physical and mental energy. So there is a "circulation of energy". The paradox is that if you do not attach any effort, then the money might just pass you by. And how to earn everyone's business. You can only say one thing, the better results you will achieve when the work will be part of your meaning of life.

How to make a desire for getting money

It happens that for some reasons people can't work or was in a difficult life situation. Perhaps the person works, but can not afford to purchase the desired thing, since all his earnings are painted to cents. In this case, will help preparation the desire to get money. Here there are a number of special rules, which clearly should adhere, namely:

  1. You need to clearly define what specifically you need one or the other amount. You have to understand that if you, for example, want to get a hundred thousand a hundred needs, it turns out that you have a hundred desires are certainly not fulfilled.
  2. The amount should not be exorbitant. It is not necessary to make the amount in which your brain refuses to believe. If you make too large sum of money, for example, a million, on a subconscious level you believe that you will get the sum automatically, nothing will come true. Start with small desires.
  3. You have to determine the most comfortable time for obtaining this amount, but such that you would have yourself believe.
  4. Visualize getting money as you get them, how to spend. You can spend any ritual with candles or go into the forest all you like. It all works, the main thing to believe.
  5. The sum necessary to spend it on something that you originally requested, is very important.


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