Based on the predictions on dreams is based on a coherent theory, which States that any developments happen first on a subtle plane and then manifest in the real world. During sleep the person is in contact with the thin plans, so it can perceive information about future events.

Work with the subconscious

One of the ways of receiving in a dream the necessary information is to work with the subconscious. The subconscious knows very much, so the task of man is that, in order to establish contact with him, to learn to program to perform certain actions. Start to teach the subconscious to perform simple tasks – for example, ask the subconscious to Wake you up two minutes before the time when you usually Wake up. If the subconscious mind can hear you, you Wake up exactly at the appointed time.

Let the subconscious and other tasks. For example, let it remind you of some stuff, it helps not to forget – say, put on stove a saucepan or the movie you wanted to see. When the subconscious will strictly follow your orders, go to work with dreams.

To see a prophetic dream, you need to clearly put the subconscious task. For example, tomorrow you have an important business meeting (exam, date, etc., etc.) and would like to know how it will end. Before bed give your subconscious a task to show you in the dream, the outcome of tomorrow's meeting. Then quietly go to sleep. You will see a dream in which in one form or another, you will be shown tomorrow night's event.

Creating your own dream book

More than half of all dreams carry important information about the future, but this information must be able to decode. Common horoscopes are of great help in this matter will not have, as each person has their own coding system. The General point, of course, but also a lot of differences. To understand information from dreams, you must learn to interpret them correctly.

Start a personal diary of the dreaming. Write down all dreams, preferably in the morning, while you still have not forgotten. In the morning you can make brief notes, and in the evening on these notes to write down the dreams in full. Then analyze the events of the day and compare them with dreams.

As a rule, the events of the dream played in reality the same day. Comparing the dreams and the events of real life, you will gradually start to notice some patterns. This will allow you to identify your own peculiar to you, the dreaming patterns. There will be a few dozen, each of them describes my situation. Faced with such a template, you will already know what awaits you in the afternoon. And this, in turn, will allow to avoid many unpleasant consequences.