Take a comfortable position sitting or lying down. Free from all sorts of distractions, loosen or remove constricting clothing, make sure that nobody interfered. Try not to exercise on a full stomach, under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Throughout the exercise try not to "slip" in the drowsy or sleeping state, otherwise you will lose control of the seen information, and distort the obtained images.
Mentally isolate yourself from the outside world, get rid of all extraneous thoughts, tune in to the attentive reception of signals and impulses that come from the present, past or future. Stop all thoughts and go to the idle state when the waking consciousness.
Continue to enter the state in which all minds gradually cease, and the mind become more alert. Don't take critical all the images, signals and pulses that will be received. Gradually in the fog of the subconscious there are cloud outlines, images of your future or past. Over time these images will become clearer and clearer. Try not to analyze everything that you see, to be objective.
Very often in this condition of the human subconscious reveals what is hidden from consciousness, from the senses, from human attention. In the course of exercises from the depths of the subconscious opens up possible future events that come explanations of past events, before interpretirovany wrong or just not understood.
Note that the first time exercise may not be possible. But don't be disheartened. If you regularly conduct exercises with sufficient intensity, positive results will come very soon, the images and the images will be explicit and intensive. Beginners are recommended to practice more than an hour 1-2 times a week. Experienced people you can gradually increase the exercise time and exercise frequency at its discretion.