What if the apartment is hot in the summer

One of the most effective ways to combat summer heat — air conditioning. It is able to cool the air and maintain the desired temperature.

Of course, this method has disadvantages — the conditioner requires complex and expensive installation. However, you can buy mobile air conditioning, which in the installation is not needed.

When there is no possibility to purchase and install air conditioning, you can use another device — a fan. With his help, a hot time is transferred much easier.

If the Windows overlook the opposite side of the house, you can open them and arrange a draft. But we must remember that for a long time to be in the draft can be dangerous to your health.

You need to restrict the penetration of sunlight. If curtains or blinds are not effective enough, you can use a mirror reflective tape, securing it on the window. It will reflect infrared and ultraviolet rays. This film is especially effective if your Windows face the Sunny side.

The heat in the apartment more difficult to bear if the air is dry. It is necessary to moisturize. You can use the wet towels or sheets by hanging them in the rooms. Also, in stores you can find humidifiers that will maintain the humidity automatically.

A constant flow of fresh air will help to better tolerate the heat. Of course, open Windows partially help in solving this issue. But there are more effective and technologically advanced way is to install the ventilation valve. They will ensure proper breathability all day long.

What if the apartment is hot in the winter

In winter, some homes are very hot battery. Air conditioning in the winter is powerless external unit must operate at positive temperatures. But he can help in the early spring, when the streets are already near zero, and the radiators are still hot.

The most effective way of dealing with overly hot batteries — installing the thermostats or an ordinary shut-off valves. With their help you can adjust the water flow. Or at least just block it.

If this is not possible, you can open the Windows. But in the winter it is fraught with the danger of catching cold. If you open the Windows briefly, then after a while the air will again heat up and the heat will be back.

Radiators can be covered with wet towels or sheets. This will moisturize the air and reduce the temperature of the batteries. The sheets dry quickly and need to constantly be wet.

Another option is to wrap the battery with a thick blanket. It will serve as a heat insulator and will help to reduce the temperature. And next to the battery you can put a jar of water, which will evaporate and reduce the dryness of the air.

For regulating the temperature of the water that is fed into your home meets management company. You can contact her with a request to reduce the temperature of the coolant. If your request will be ignored, you can make a written complaint to the CPS.