The main problem of fast battery discharge can be a bad quality batteryand or charger. These reasons can manifest in many portable devices, including the iPhone. To check for a faulty battery, you must disassemble the phone. You can do it yourself if you have a special soldering iron and experience, or to take the device to service center. If the reason in the charger, then just buy a new one.There are also cases, when the iPhone runs low after making a call. The reason is failed the power amplifier, which consumes more energy than the established norms. This problem is being solved in the service center by repair.However, these causes are related to particular hazards, therefore, quite difficult to understand " battery life the new fully functional iPhone. But here are the features. So smartphones have receivers satellite navigation system GPS. For some of them, there is a function "local time Setting" located in the settings "System services" and "location Services". This option allows you to determine the geographical position of the device and set the appropriate time zone. This must be done once and save the required settings, but in the iPhone geographical location is continuously monitored, thereby wasting a large number of energy batteries and leading to rapid discharge. One can only hope that this software bug will be fixed by Apple in one of the next updates. Until that time, users can only increase the battery life of the iPhone by turning off of a number of functions: 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, vibration alert and much more.