What kind of bird is that a bird?

Tit is a genus of birds belonging to the passerine and to the family simicevic. The most known species is a large bird that lives throughout Europe, the middle East, Central and Northern Asia, and in parts of North Africa. In the wild, chickadees can be found in deciduous and mixed forests, meadows, forest edges, banks of water bodies.

Usually tit is a bird neprilichnye. So most of them generally will not migrate from cold regions between wintering side by side with man. If to speak about the Zoological classification of these birds, until 2005, the species of birds counted in the composition of many different subspecies. However, DNA studies have shown that some of these subspecies are markedly different from the great Tits. That is why they were separated into separate species. As for the great tit, this species remains the biggest and most numerous worldwide, particularly in Russia.

Looks like a tit?

Since the great tit is the most common representative of this genus of birds, that further acquaintance with these birds should continue it by her example. The great tit is highlighted with black head and neck, white cheeks, a conspicuous. Top for these birds has an olive hue, and the bottom yellow. In principle, the plumage of these creatures varies according to their numerous subspecies.

What feeds the bird?

In summer these birds feed on insects. In winter, their menu has a wider range: for example, the great tit with pleasure enjoying lapsed into hibernation bats, gradually pecking away at them. In addition, in the winter Tits are switching to vegetable food, eating mountain ash and other berries and oozing with seed from bird feeders.

Lifestyle Tits

When spring claims, in forests, parks, gardens and orchards, hear the chirp of Tits. These sounds produce males. The fact that spring is a time of Dating and arrangement of their homes. Building the nests involved only females. Interestingly, great Tits do not bother long plenty of places for nests. Like the starlings, these birds can make their homes in iron pipes, and in crevices of rocks and in walls of abandoned houses. Great Tits love to take an abandoned birdhouses.

Their nests are lined with layers of moss and wool. After a while the light appear up to 10 Chicks. Young blue Tits leave the parental home 20 days after his birth. A while parents watch over them, and then sent to an independent path. As mentioned above, the vast majority of Tits – neprilichnye birds. However, in search of food in winter they gather in flocks and fly from place to place. Great Tits stay there, where most of the feed.

The bird is a useful bird.

These feathered creatures are the use of parks, forests and gardens. During the day they eat a quantity of insects equal to its own weight. That's why people in the winter to feed the birds. Tit – friendly birds, they readily visit bird feeders, eating sunflower seeds, unsalted lard, dairy cream.