Advice 1: How to sew a duvet cover: the master class

To make a duvet cover with your hands easily. It is sufficient to fold the fabric the right size in half and make 4 straight seam. Then the blanket can be slide sideways. For those who want to wear it the old fashioned way, through the middle portion of the second master class.
How to sew a duvet cover: the master class


Some types of fabric tend to "sit" after getting wet and drying out. So you first wash a new cloth, dry it, iron it, and then start sewing.

Decide the size of the future product. Its width depends on sew you single, double or evrovariant. Length can be arbitrary. Duvet cover, made by hand, good that easy to make it non-standard, desired size. Now the tall man will not freeze, trying to cover up the heel. So how can you make it the right length.

Having defined the standards, take the cloth. The fabric can be of different width. If it is narrow, sew the 2 fabric together. Now wide fabric or stitched fold in half. Let's say you create a double duvet cover, size 180х210. So the length of your fabric should be 424 cm with the seam on the longer side, and 454 cm, if you wear it you will be using the smaller side.

Cut the canvas according to the calculated measure. Do not forget to add the width of 4 cm at the side seams (2 cm each). Now decide which side to slide the blanket. If from the side, the hem 2 edges of the resulting rectangle. The example is the side of 180 cm. Now remove the fabric on the front side. Fold it almost in half. The top edge of the duvet cover put on the bottom overlap below 30 cm of the fabric was on top. On the same principle are sewn pillowcases.

Sewing with side vents

Stitch the sides of the product on the front side. Turn it inside out, press open the seam. Now on the wrong side with the left and right side make one more seam width of 1 cm as a result shovchik made on the front side, hide in the back, will mahr and it is not necessary to buttonhole.

On the same principle, sew 2 pieces of cloth if the incision is on the side. The overlap needs to be done. Just fold the fabric in half. Also, do the seams first on the face, and then on the wrong side. In the middle of the right side leave a gap of 40 cm Using it you will get a blanket. This gap is just a hem on the machine.

Duvet cover with a cutout in the middle

To sew a duvet cover for the old fashioned, fold the fabric in half on the front side. Mark halfway to the top of the canvas where you will place holes. Make it a square, diamond or round shape. Diameter of 35-40 see figures Apply bias binding the edge of the hole.

Again fold the fabric in half. Will attrocity it on the face, then on the wrong side, as described above. Unscrew the product using the inner hole.

Advice 2 : How to cut linen

For strong and healthy sleep is very important the quality of bed linen. Besides the fact that it must be pleasing to the body and have attractive color, it should match the size of the bed, pillows and blankets. Sometimes to find a suitable kit in the store does not work, in this case, the best way is to sew bed linen with his own hands. Moreover, it is quite easy, even for beginners. The main thing is to cut out the bed linen.
How to cut linen
You will need
  • - fabric - 8 m;
  • - measuring tape;
  • - scissors;
  • - tailor's chalk;
  • - a sewing machine.
Select a suitable fabric for bedding. Take a natural cotton: calico, satin, cotton or the other. Artificial fabric do not use. Select it with the width of 220 cm for two sets and a width of 160 cm 1.5-seater to do a lot of stitches. To reveal the wet fabric that she gave shrinkage, and dry, iron with a hot iron.
First, take the duvet cover: put on the fabric the length of the blanket and fold it in half. Then leave a seam 3-5 cm Stitches will be three on the sides and bottom. Determine where you are going to leave a hole for filling with blankets in a duvet cover or on the side seam or at the bottom. Mark it, splitting the party in half and aside from the middle and 30 cm in both directions. Sew all the seams there, leaving the intended hole. Turn the duvet cover inside out and sew the seams again leaving a seam allowance from the previous seam inside. Treat the cut.
Then cutting the sheets, leaving the length on the fabric, leaving allowances on ACC 3-5 cm, add the stock podvorot under the mattress if you want. This is the simple detail of the bedding set, just pull up her top and bottom underwearnew seam, the sewing machine there is a special foot.
Pillowcase cutting size pillows, standard size - 50x70 cm 70x70 cm Aside the length of the pillowcase (50 or 70 cm) and fold the fabric in half, on one side, add 20 cm on podvorot. Get the total length of the workpiece 120 or 160 cm. Add allowances on the ACC - both sides 3 cm Cut the fabric the desired width of 70 cm plus 3 cm seam on each side. Pull up the stitches at the bottom and the top. Fold the fabric like a pillowcase face the outside, inside podvorot and prostrochite on the machine side seams. Then remove the pillowcase and Stacie those seams inside out so that the previous seam allowance left inside the current. Pillowcases ready.
A duvet cover can be stitched with a Central hole oval or diamond shape, but with side or bottom practical.
Useful advice
Before we will open check whether the cut fabric in the store, pulling for this cross thread at the cut edges. If not, align the sides, cutting off the excess, otherwise it may be skewed in the finished product. The angles at the cutting should be straight - strictly in the course of the transverse and longitudinal yarns.

The duvet cover can sew two sides, leaving the third hole. Then pull up the remaining seam along the entire double length destacando side and then sew the seams up to the hole and after.

Advice 3 : How to sew a duvet cover with your hands

Surprise high prices for ready-made bed linens? You have a non-standard quilt sizes? Want to sew something simple by yourself? Try to sew with a simple duvet cover.
How to sew a duvet cover with your hands

The easiest way to sew a duvet cover, if the hole for the blankets he is on the side, since the processing of the holes on the top rather time-consuming for not very experienced seamstresses.

What fabric to use for sewing a blanket cover?

Choose a crisp cotton fabric, flax. If in doubt, check with the seller fabrics, they usually have sufficient information about your product to give qualified advice. Moreover, very often they can give advice based on my own experience of sewing and the work of experienced seamstresses.

How to calculate how much fabric is need to the easiest duvet cover?

Measure the quilt that you sew the duvet cover. Length and width must be added about 4 cm on each side for seams. We also advise you to check with the store, sit down your chosen fabric after washing. If the answer is positive, I personally choose a different fabric.

When choosing fabrics please note that its width was not less than the width of the quilt + 8 see In this case you will need to purchase the amount of fabric that is equal to two lengths of the blanket + about 8 (10) cm.

Cutting and sewing a duvet cover

Actually a special cut of the duvet cover is not required, since a simple duvet cover - usual bag.

Fold bought the fabric facing outwards, if necessary, cut the excess fabric.

An example of the calculation and cutting of duvet cover:

Как сшить пододеяльник своими руками

Sew the product on each side on the sewing machine, leaving about 35-50 cm Remove the product and sew with the wrong side again the same seams. Hole panel with bias binding, or just with tucked edge twice (also, instead of the processing of the edge can be sewed into the zipper hole). The duvet cover is ready.

Optional duvet cover adorn with embroidery, applique, beautiful braid, or just choose a bright patterned fabric, which will not require additional decoration.

Please note that the above method can be used to sew a duvet cover for a Comforter of any size (for children and for adults).

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