Some types of fabric tend to "sit" after getting wet and drying out. So you first wash a new cloth, dry it, iron it, and then start sewing.

Decide the size of the future product. Its width depends on sew you single, double or evrovariant. Length can be arbitrary. Duvet cover, made by hand, good that easy to make it non-standard, desired size. Now the tall man will not freeze, trying to cover up the heel. So how can you make it the right length.

Having defined the standards, take the cloth. The fabric can be of different width. If it is narrow, sew the 2 fabric together. Now wide fabric or stitched fold in half. Let's say you create a double duvet cover, size 180х210. So the length of your fabric should be 424 cm with the seam on the longer side, and 454 cm, if you wear it you will be using the smaller side.

Cut the canvas according to the calculated measure. Do not forget to add the width of 4 cm at the side seams (2 cm each). Now decide which side to slide the blanket. If from the side, the hem 2 edges of the resulting rectangle. The example is the side of 180 cm. Now remove the fabric on the front side. Fold it almost in half. The top edge of the duvet cover put on the bottom overlap below 30 cm of the fabric was on top. On the same principle are sewn pillowcases.

Sewing with side vents

Stitch the sides of the product on the front side. Turn it inside out, press open the seam. Now on the wrong side with the left and right side make one more seam width of 1 cm as a result shovchik made on the front side, hide in the back, will mahr and it is not necessary to buttonhole.

On the same principle, sew 2 pieces of cloth if the incision is on the side. The overlap needs to be done. Just fold the fabric in half. Also, do the seams first on the face, and then on the wrong side. In the middle of the right side leave a gap of 40 cm Using it you will get a blanket. This gap is just a hem on the machine.

Duvet cover with a cutout in the middle

To sew a duvet cover for the old fashioned, fold the fabric in half on the front side. Mark halfway to the top of the canvas where you will place holes. Make it a square, diamond or round shape. Diameter of 35-40 see figures Apply bias binding the edge of the hole.

Again fold the fabric in half. Will attrocity it on the face, then on the wrong side, as described above. Unscrew the product using the inner hole.