You will need
  • - decorative fabric;
  • - cotton fabric;
  • - sintepon;
  • - bias binding;
  • - sewing supplies.
Measure the length and width of the mattress. If the bed with two headboards, then add to that standard at 60 cm If the bed only with the headboard, then add 30 cm in length and 60 cm in width blankets.
Make some rectangular parts according to your measurements of the main fabric, padding polyester and cotton material. The main problem is that the average width of fabrics 150 cm, if the width of your bed more, you can get out of the situation and make the contrast piping on the edges of the product. But you can do otherwise, stitch bedspread from curtain fabric, width could be 2.4 m or 2.8 m.
Fold all the pieces covered in this order: the bottom part of cotton fabric, a layer of batting and decorative fabric. Cleave all 3 layers of tailoring the pins in and cut the center.
Tailor's chalk, draw lines for the stitches, they can draw on the outside of the product, then they erased themselves. Baste all layers of blankets together. Quilted on the lines of basting on the sewing machine, trying to place the seam close to her. Remove the basting, remove all the pins. Veil proutyuzhte.
Carefully align all the slices of the product. Finish the edges with bias binding. In a folded in half, bake, insert the slice covers. Attach it with pins and baste by hand. Remove the pins and prostrochite bake very carefully, trying to make the line as straight as possible. Product proutyuzhte again.
Very decorate bedroom bedspread with ruffles that can be performed from the same fabric as the upper part of the product or fabric with a different texture but same color or fabric companion.
For the manufacture of bedspreads with ruffles measure the size of the mattress and giving a rectangle equal to this measurement plus 5 cm on each side of the allowances for seams.
Make some details for ruffles. Their length should be equal to the height of the bed from the floor or a bit shorter. Details width equal to the width or length of the mattress multiplied by 2 or 3. The higher the value, the more magnificent the get frill.
The main part covers sew, as described above, but treating the edges with bias binding is not necessary. The bottom part is ruffles hem on bent 2 times on the wrong side, or bake a treat.
On the upper side of the part lay a one-sided or inverted pleats and how their pins. Fold veil and frill, right sides towards each other, aligning slices, and baste the frill. Prostrochite on the sewing machine and finish cut overlong seam or stitching "zig-zag".