Book the ticket at the reception to the specialists of call-center of Yekaterinburg: 2285933. The consultant say that we need to pass the nursery Board in 3 years. It will record to 4 specialists (neurologist, surgeon, ENT and ophthalmologist) at one day and say the time of admission. Please immediately appoint a time at the pediatrician the same day to immediately return all papers at the conclusion. The girl still need to write to the gynecologist.
Go to the clinic to the pediatrician during the hours of his reception to take coupons and directions on tests. The day when you can do updated phone registries. For example, in Yekaterinburg the clinic No. 11 coupons only get on Wednesday. Going with no baby to nurse (if on site) or your pediatrician and ask for referrals for testing. In the office you can go without a queue, because the nurse is often not busy during the reception. Each direction must be attached to the coupon with the indication of date and time when you need to take them. Have to go with the child several times, it's not the fact that the blood (General analysis on sugar), and scraping on enterobiasis will be one day and in one place. In addition to these tests still have to pass the feces for worm eggs and urine. Nursery to complete the Commission quickly, eager to get to the pediatrician that week, and when I called the call center.
The direction of the analysis for the nursery fee with taped card
Take pediatrician bypass list for a medical examination (this is A4 paper with a list of all specialists and data about the child) and go directly to the nursery Committee. The doctors will make a mark on it after administration. This document can be rented or along with coupons for tests, or a day nursery medical examination before passing specialists. The surgeon and neurologist after taking can additionally send the child to a speech therapist, the urologist and the psychiatrist. Sign up to them you can also phone the call center.
Bypass list for the nursery fee
Book online at the portal of the city of Ekaterinburg pass to the dentist. If in 1 year at the first reception it is necessary to register via phone, in 3 years all the easier. The data is already in the system and see the free coupons can be sitting in the screen. Go to the website you enter the name and policy number. Then select the line "Dentistry" and recorded in prevention study for a convenient day and time. Do not forget to take with you to the appointment a certificate that the dentist made a checkmark.
Buy in "Rospechat" medical card and vaccination certificate. These documents will fill in nurse. If you have forgotten to buy in advance in the clinic in the office of paid services usually sell them.
Medical card for nursery fee
Go to the final appointment with the pediatrician. After all doctors need to visit the pediatrician. Give him the test results, a certificate with the findings of all specialists, medical records manger for a fee, vaccination certificate, a copy of the birth certificate of the child and his policy. The nurse will fill the card and certificate. It will take some time, the conclusion will be given, most likely in a few days. Nursery Commission is valid for six months. But the tests cease to be reliable after 10 days. If map is not carried in kindergarten, they will have to retake.