The first house in the game is a conventional rectangular box. Most of the players as resource extraction want to change your home to make it more attractive. In the latest versions of the game, a lot of decorative blocks that simplify this process.

The material for the construction

First of all, the house does not need to build entirely out of cobblestone or dirt. This is the most affordable early in the game resources, but the building of them look very unassuming. It is best to build the first house out of wood, but if you have quite a lot of cobblestone and coal to make stone brick, building him look thoroughly and beautifully.

To make stone bricks, you will need to smelt the cobblestone. To do this, open the interface of the furnace in the top cell place the cobblestone in the lower coal. It is better to use multiple furnaces at once. The resulting stone is place in the cells of crafting (create items) on the workbench or in the character window to get the stone brick, need to take a four cell square. Stone bricks can be used to simulate the Foundation, finishing window and door openings.

Looks very good the combination of stone bricks and different types of wood. Use the axe to cut down as many trees as possible. Make a Foundation of stone brick, and the walls of birch and oak boards, they are quite different in color, and their combination looks elegant and unusual.

Decorative elements

Instead of a flat roof build pointed. You can use polublok of stone and of wood, which will allow for a more gentle, neat roof. To make a half block, on the workbench, complete the bottom horizontal materials of the same kind. It can be a Board, stone, brick and so on.

Window decoration, use colored glass. To get glass you need to smelt sand in a furnace. Glass can be painted. For this Central cell on the bench you want to put dye (obtained from flowers) and the remaining units to be filled with glass blocks. This glass can be used in the construction, as you can make a painted panel. To do this, blocks of material necessary to fill the bottom two horizontally on the workbench.

If near your house there is a jungle, you can cut the vines there. Vines placed on a vertical wall eventually begin to grow down. This allows you to decorate the house with greenery, reminiscent of decorative ivy.