Advice 1: How to make a mechanical house in Minecraft

In the game Maincraft everything is made of cubes. Here you can make various things, to fight, to improve the skills of your character and even build homes. In Minecraft it is possible to realize the most daring architectural ideas, building a fully mechanical house. In this house don't need to bother with any action, everything will happen at the pressing levers and buttons. If you want to learn how to make the best mechanical house in Minecraft, you need to familiarize yourself with these guidelines.
How to make a mechanical house in Minecraft
A strict plan that dictates how to make in Minecraft mechanical house, no. Before you start construction, decide the place of installation of the home. The larger house you want, the greater should be the area. It is desirable that it was smooth and hard.
Make a draft future home. Decide how many floors and rooms do you need, how will they be interconnected, determine the number of exits and Windows. Think about what mechanisms and in what quantity you want to place, what furniture you will need, what material you will build the basic structure.
Record all these data on paper and raschertite for convenience, a plan of each floor of a house in Minecraft.
Prepare the required amount of materials for construction and mechanisms.
Pitch of the future frame dwelling mechanical floors, floor decks, walls and roof.
Install mechanisms in your home. These may be automatic doors and Windows, elevators, caches and traps, lighting, televisions, motion sensors, shower, shimmering floors, automatic taps and many more.
Arrange the furniture in each room in accordance with the plan, and then bring you mechanical house in Minecraft with elements of decoration - paintings, lamps, vases, etc.
If you don't know how to make a mechanical house in Minecraft yourself, you can see examples of work from other users on photos and videos. However, it is not necessary to repeat the already completed construction. Get creative and make the design changes, to realize the most courageous decisions.
Be prepared for the challenges that will arise when mining large amount of resources for house construction and manufacture of mechanisms for its automation. Do not despair if you have something does not work. To facilitate your work, install special maps, cheats and mods that will help you to make a mechanical house in Minecraft the best.

Advice 2 : How to build a mechanical house in Minecraft

In Minecraft for making huge amount of in-game items are special recipes. However, there are things that can be built only based on our own imagination and fantasy. Among them it is possible to highlight the house in which the player can spend the night to satisfy his hunger, to gain strength, to hide the collected resources. Of course, when in the home everything is automated, it is very convenient. To make the conditions of life of a character more comfortable you can, if you understand how to construct a mechanical house in Minecraft.
How to build a mechanical house in Minecraft

How to build a mechanical building automatically.

With complex arrangements of electrical circuits and pistons building a house can be done fully automated. If proper positioning of the mechanisms for construction, housing will be built without your participation. Will not only build in Minecraft mechanical building, and automatically restore it at any time if the damage blocks. The construction process can be seen on videos of other users.

Map "the Mechanical house in Minecraft

Not to get bogged down in construction with the head, you can simplify your work by setting a special card for the game.

It already includes all the stages of planning and construction of the mechanical home that contains a variety of mechanisms.

The structure of the map features not only a large number of automatic things, but a huge selection of decorative elements. There is a shower with toilet, and a mechanical kitchen, cafe, dining room, bedroom, living room.

Between floors you can move with the Elevator.

How to download and install map mechanical house in Minecraft

To build in Minecraft 1.5.2 and above mechanical house on a special card, you need to download and install the client version.

The installation is exactly the same as the other add-in card for Minecraft.

The downloaded file should unzip the archive and find the folder of the map database file level.dat. They need to copy and move to folder saves client Minecraft. To find the path in Windows, you can search through the "Run" in the start menu". In the search string should be the following: %appdata%\.minecraft.

In running the client of Minecraft you can also open the folder using menu "Texturepack". It is necessary to select "Open folder" and navigate to the top section.

After copying the files, you can assume that you managed to install the card with the mechanical house in Minecraft. When you run the client you should select the appropriate settings.

Now to build a mechanical house in Minecraft will be much easier.

The best mechanical house in Minecraft

Of course, in the construction of dwellings for their characters users are trying to do everything so well that friends and rivals praised the creation of the dignity. To mechanical building in Minecraft has become a subject of your pride, not a source of problems, it is best to adhere to the following recommendations.

It is better to choose mechanical for the house height from floor to ceiling in the amount of three blocks. The ceilings in the walls of the smaller section will be too low, and the vast vaults still better to leave the castles and fortresses. To use a variety of mechanisms in the building average height is much easier, and resources that will help you to save money especially if you play in survival mode.

Before beginning construction you should consider what mechanisms will be placed in the house as they will be activated, where to stay. The automatic placement of objects should be implemented taking into account the fact that they can be easily approached from the right side for firing. Mechanisms for house in Minecraft should be reserved in advance if the game is not on a special map, so you do not run in search of the necessary resources.

To build beautiful mechanical house in the game Minecraft, view, as do other users, add some imagination and create home of your dreams yourself by adding interesting and innovative solutions.


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