A strict plan that dictates how to make in Minecraft mechanical house, no. Before you start construction, decide the place of installation of the home. The larger house you want, the greater should be the area. It is desirable that it was smooth and hard.
Make a draft future home. Decide how many floors and rooms do you need, how will they be interconnected, determine the number of exits and Windows. Think about what mechanisms and in what quantity you want to place, what furniture you will need, what material you will build the basic structure.
Record all these data on paper and raschertite for convenience, a plan of each floor of a house in Minecraft.
Prepare the required amount of materials for construction and mechanisms.
Pitch of the future frame dwelling mechanical floors, floor decks, walls and roof.
Install mechanisms in your home. These may be automatic doors and Windows, elevators, caches and traps, lighting, televisions, motion sensors, shower, shimmering floors, automatic taps and many more.
Arrange the furniture in each room in accordance with the plan, and then bring you mechanical house in Minecraft with elements of decoration - paintings, lamps, vases, etc.
If you don't know how to make a mechanical house in Minecraft yourself, you can see examples of work from other users on photos and videos. However, it is not necessary to repeat the already completed construction. Get creative and make the design changes, to realize the most courageous decisions.
Be prepared for the challenges that will arise when mining large amount of resources for house construction and manufacture of mechanisms for its automation. Do not despair if you have something does not work. To facilitate your work, install special maps, cheats and mods that will help you to make a mechanical house in Minecraft the best.