You will need
  • brick or masonry blocks;
  • - wooden blocks;
  • glass;
  • - wool at will.
Building a house in Minecraft starts, as in life, with the construction of the Foundation. This will require the use of any durable materials. Optimal will be brick or stone units. The blocks of the Foundation should closely adhere to each other on the same level.
Now start to build the wall. Some players build a house in Minecraft with a thickness of 2 blocks, but it does not look very aesthetically pleasing. But these walls will be well protected from enemy attacks. The material used for walls of brick. Often used wool, but only for beauty. No protection coat will not, but the white blocks will look great.
During the construction of the walls don't forget to do the Windows and doors. Looks nice, if the aim is to use wooden blocks as the frame. The more Windows, the better overview when You are in it. And then you can be prepared for any possible attacks.
Now we need to build the ceiling. You can use any tree. They cover the entire top. Optionally, you can leave space for the stairs to either the second floor or the attic.
Now put the roof on. Beautiful she would look with dark wood, or other dark materials. The roof is in the shape of a pyramid. Each row should taper. Optionally, you can make any complex roof. There is a flight of imagination is unlimited. The remaining 2 triangles of the roof can be repaired, or light wood, glass or make a mosaic.
Well, to finish the construction to the building, the stairs to the entrance. The construction will end, but will start the interior decoration, no less important and interesting.
In order to clearly understand how to build a house in Minecraft watch the video. Perhaps it will help you significantly.