The fence has a height of one unit, however, when interacting with them, the living entity can't jump over. To overcome the fence, you can, with property jumping or using the recoil from the explosion. Therefore, the units of fence can be installed on one another, thus enhancing protection.
To craft a fence in the game Minecraft, you need on the workbench to place six sticks in two rows. Sticks can be made of boards derived from wood.
A block fence can also be found in villages on the roofs, in the corrals, on lampposts, in the composition of the wells. Fences typically are installed on the second floors of the fortresses are on the chandeliers. You can also get these blocks in the abandoned mines, breaking support.
From the fence in Minkette can be done not only by a hedge. Such blocks sticks can be used as a replacement for slabs for stairs. If you don't have glass, you can replace that fence blocks. Externally, the window will resemble a porthole, so it will look great when construction of the castle.
If you learn how to craft a fence, you can also make a great trap of the four blocks, as hitting between them, a mob would get stuck.