Select the purpose of building a castle in Minecraft. Usually it is necessary to provide your character a reliable and robust fortress that is well protected from enemies. If you are skilled enough and not worried about counter-attacks, to build a castle in order to gain respect among other players, to make beautiful images of the object and place them on the Internet etc.
Decide the location for building the castle. It is better that it was smooth and viewing from all sides of the site. If there is a hill, forest, river or island, the protective properties of the structures will be higher. To avoid mistakes, check the map of the area.
Stock up on a lot of stones and bricks. You will need at least 50 stacks. You can also use clay brick or stone problemami to giving to give the buildings a gray shade of a medieval fortress. Individual items can be decorated with the use of wool.
We will start construction of the castle. This process practically does not differ from the construction of other buildings in the game. To do this, break up the ground and install the foundations. Erect walls and towers, add Windows, doors and Windows, and the roof suitable shape.
Look at the photos of medieval castles in the Internet or books to make your building look beautiful and realistic. Don't forget about protection. For example, do not penetrate into the bottom of the Windows to prevent easy invasion of enemies. Make sure that all the corridors and tunnels have doors that also will defend from intruders.
Follow the scale structure. If you have enough resources, do not rush to build houses and castles of a small size. Wait a while and start construction as soon as you are sure that it will not break your game, and your castle will cause the admiration of others, not ridicule.