Advice 1: How to build a Minecraft castle

Building a house in the game Minecraft is one of the most important tasks. You can build a tree house and Bungalow lake house in the woods, and even a medieval castle. If a small house can handle almost any to build a castle in Minecraft are unlikely to succeed without experience.
in minecraft build a castle


Why you need a castle in Minecraft

In a cubic world can build a fully automated mechanical housing, a beautiful home on the lake or in the woods, a huge castle for the effective conduct of hostilities.

Of course, those players who need housing to crash and then continue the journey, you just find the cave on the map, and for arranging a full-fledged fortress you need to be a large number of resources.

Dwelling in a cubic world provides not only a roof over your head, but also helps the player defend themselves from the aggression of mobs, to keep property to wait out the night. Any home can perform these functions, however, its appearance can be judged on the richness, the imagination, the experience of the player. That is why the construction of the castle is a very attractive option for many players of Minecraft.

The pros and cons of the construction of the castle in the game Minecraft

Castles are usually built from stone and brick. Because of this, this fortress is durable, fire resistant, protects from external aggressions.

Players owning castles, respectable to other micropterus.

Large investment of time and resources, difficulty in selecting good locations for construction can be a reason why the player can change his mind to build a castle in Minecraft.

Another danger posed by the castle - the possibility of a creeper in his dark basement.

How to build a Minecraft castle

To do in the game Minecraft medieval castle, you need to find a good place. It is desirable that the ground was flat and protected from all sides. Strengthen the protective functions of hills, forests, Islands and rivers. With options you can help map of the area.

For construction you must have a large number of bricks and stones. You will need a minimum of 50 stacks. You can also use red clay bricks or stone polublok, giving the building a lighter shade of gray. For decorated individual parts, you can use white wool.

Often the newcomers, seeing the other players fortress, decide to build the most beautiful and largest castle. However, do not overdo it, otherwise you might never finish the construction.

To do in Minecraft castle, you need to break ground and make the Foundation, build the walls and towers, the roof, do the Windows, doors, loopholes.

For the construction you need to use imagination, you can also take as example a photo of a real medieval castle. The main thing - not to make stupid mistakes when planning. For example, do not penetrate the huge Windows at the bottom, allowing you to easily get into the castle enemies. Or not to withdraw an underground passage from the castle, forgetting to put a door. It is also desirable to keep the scale to the other players in the background of your home not look like a lilliput.


Advice 2: How to build a tent

A real forest hut is a great way to feel like a traveler and Explorer of nature, and its creation will be a useful and fascinating entertainment for children and adults. Thus, the ability to build a tent can not only entertain you but also provide substantive support in extreme situations when you need urgently to provide himself and his companions shelter in nature. To build a hut is not difficult, if you have at hand there are natural materials that you can find in any forest.
How to build a tent
Select a place to build a hutand it should be neither a valley nor a hill. Select a flat area, sheltered from the wind, surrounded by trees and bushes.
Selecting a site to build a shelterand prepare two or more long sticks. Lay two sticks on both sides of the long sturdy tree branch and tie the top with rope. Also you can take a few sticks and tie them in an inclined position to the tree in a circle over the upper ends, making it more spacious, circular tent.
Sticks tightly tied, pull on them a tent made of canvas or other material that is pinching the edges, crushing them with heavy rocks. If you don't have a tent, use spruce and pine twigs, which you can dial in the woods, or branches of deciduous trees.
Cover with twigs and branches of a tentto create the most dense roof. A hut covered with branches and twigs, is not able to be fully closed – you'll be able to hang the entrance of only specifically found the canopy.
In the case of a tentom, a closed top, you can use to login to the vertical stick, stuck at the entrance, which supports the edge of the awning.
To close the tent, remove the stick and lower the awning. Tent is ready – as you can see, it is made easy and in the event of an emergency can help protect you in the woods from the weather and cold.
Well constructed shelter protects from rain and even hail (own experience) water with it slipping as with a conventional roof. For the construction of the shed will match almost everything you find around (spruce or fir twigs, reeds, hay, straw, grass). How to make a fabric waterproof (for tent, awning, tent, raincoat). Making tents with his hands.
Useful advice
How to build a tent in the woods? The construction of the shelter in the forest, along with producing fire, food and water, is the basis of survival. A lean-to shelter is a canopy. Allows to protect himself from the wind, if it is set against the wind, and also serves as a screen that reflects heat from the fire. If you have a sleeping bag, the shelter can spolzovat from late spring to late autumn.

Advice 3: How to make in Minecraft beautiful house

The character in the game Minecraft are feeding, resting, building, fighting, mining resources, and more. For a full life he needs a home. Quite naturally, many players want to learn how to make in Minecraft beautiful house.
How to make in minecraft beautiful house


How to build a house in Minecraft

The choice of making the houses in the game are huge.

You can settle your character into the dugout or even a fabulous castle. Beautiful house in the game Minecraft you can even buy.

In order to make a house in Minecraft, you need to produce a significant amount of resources to build.

To build a very ordinary house, just like in real life, it is necessary to lay the Foundation of durable material. Perfect brick and stone.

After the Foundation you need to build a wall. Materials for construction can also be a variety, including wood. Inside to create comfort to decorate the walls of the house coat.

To make a roof for a house in Minecraft you can use iron or wood, placing the blocks in a pyramid.

Any home must have doors, Windows, stairs for convenient travel.

To make a beautiful house in Minecraft, it is necessary to equip inside. You can arrange living room with fireplace and TV, bedroom with bed for the rest of the character, on the walls you can hang pictures, and add any decorative elements to taste.

How to make a house in Minecraft beautiful

The original decision would be the construction of a house on the lake.

To make a house, need a large number of wooden blocks.

The main thing - to choose the right place. From the Windows open nice view, you need to find a large pond surrounded by greenery, with gently sloping, easy to build on the shore.

Wooden blocks can be used for installation of the Foundation. Despite the fact that the tree is an excellent choice for construction, it is impossible to use the Board, otherwise they can not withstand the load.

To decorate the area around your home, you can install a fence, lit by torches.

Other elements can be exactly the same as when building a conventional home.

Thus, it is possible to make a nice house in Minecraft from practically any material, beautifying it according to your taste as it is done in ordinary life.

Advice 4: Like in Minecraft to make the map

In the world of Minecraft and in the real world, without a map you can get lost. With this object, you can go far, exploring the world, and then the marks get back. Today we talk about how in Minecraft to make the map.
Make a map in Minecraft
Place on the bench paper in all cells, except the Central, in the centre, place the compass. This way you can make a map in Minecraft. But that's not all.
Make a map in Minecraft
For those who don't know how to create a compass. In the center is placed the red dust in the cells on the sides and top and bottom are placed the iron bars. Here and ready compass.
To make a compass in Minecraft
To make a map in Minecraft enough, you should be able to use it. To activate it, pick it up and immediately see how it emerges surrounding area.
Map when it is already full, you can expand. On the workbench, place the card in the Central cell. Around it place the paper around the perimeter. In the end, there will be a "fog of war". This can be done several times, significantly increasing the amount of the card.
Expand the map in Minecraft
A few words about the copying card. If you need someone to share the knowledge, you can do the following. Create an empty map, place the original on the workbench in the center, and an empty place in any adjacent cell. In the end we get 2 identical cards filled. The number of ingredients can be increased. Throw a copy of the map by pressing the Q button while the card is in the hands.
Copy the map in Minecraft
You managed to make a map in Minecraft, it is unlikely with that knowledge, you now get lost. Remember, however, that the components for crafting are very expensive, not worth them anywhere and everywhere to carry with them — put everything in the trunk, taking a hike only what you need.
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