Why you need a castle in Minecraft

In a cubic world can build a fully automated mechanical housing, a beautiful home on the lake or in the woods, a huge castle for the effective conduct of hostilities.

Of course, those players who need housing to crash and then continue the journey, you just find the cave on the map, and for arranging a full-fledged fortress you need to be a large number of resources.

Dwelling in a cubic world provides not only a roof over your head, but also helps the player defend themselves from the aggression of mobs, to keep property to wait out the night. Any home can perform these functions, however, its appearance can be judged on the richness, the imagination, the experience of the player. That is why the construction of the castle is a very attractive option for many players of Minecraft.

The pros and cons of the construction of the castle in the game Minecraft

Castles are usually built from stone and brick. Because of this, this fortress is durable, fire resistant, protects from external aggressions.

Players owning castles, respectable to other micropterus.

Large investment of time and resources, difficulty in selecting good locations for construction can be a reason why the player can change his mind to build a castle in Minecraft.

Another danger posed by the castle - the possibility of a creeper in his dark basement.

How to build a Minecraft castle

To do in the game Minecraft medieval castle, you need to find a good place. It is desirable that the ground was flat and protected from all sides. Strengthen the protective functions of hills, forests, Islands and rivers. With options you can help map of the area.

For construction you must have a large number of bricks and stones. You will need a minimum of 50 stacks. You can also use red clay bricks or stone polublok, giving the building a lighter shade of gray. For decorated individual parts, you can use white wool.

Often the newcomers, seeing the other players fortress, decide to build the most beautiful and largest castle. However, do not overdo it, otherwise you might never finish the construction.

To do in Minecraft castle, you need to break ground and make the Foundation, build the walls and towers, the roof, do the Windows, doors, loopholes.

For the construction you need to use imagination, you can also take as example a photo of a real medieval castle. The main thing - not to make stupid mistakes when planning. For example, do not penetrate the huge Windows at the bottom, allowing you to easily get into the castle enemies. Or not to withdraw an underground passage from the castle, forgetting to put a door. It is also desirable to keep the scale to the other players in the background of your home not look like a lilliput.