Junk food

There is a widespread belief that heavy food you can consider those products that do not exist naturally in nature. All kinds of semi-finished products (dumplings, noodles, spring rolls), pastry products, sausages – all really heavy food, but she stands out in this group not because of the trees such food is not growing.
Bananas, pears, nuts for this classification should be considered a light meal, but they actually that are not.

The first sign of junk food is its high calorie content. The calorie count does not depend on the method of preparation: nuts and hamburgers are high in calories. Not to say that junk food is only fast food and everything deep-fried or roasted, but on the other hand, fast food and the like is always a heavy meal.

A large amount of calories is found in many fruits and berries – bananas, avocados, grapes. Nuts are one of the Champions of the energy content: one hundred grams is over 600 calories, that's more than many types of meat.

For the same reason, heavy food can be called meat, almost all animal products except nonfat dairy and milk, mushrooms, almost all sweets, especially chocolate, cakes and pies with flour, butter and sugar content, fizzy drinks.

The second symptom of heavy food – it is slow and difficult digestion in the human stomach. Here is matter not only the chemical composition of the products, but also a way of cooking. For example, the eggs welded soft-boiled is easier to digest than scrambled eggs, so the first option is easy food, and the second heavy. Poorly digested solid, fatty, spicy, salty food. For this reason, nourishing soups and broths, fried foods (even fried if light products), all deep fried, pickles – all this heavy food. Also slow and hard to digest legumes, products made from wheat flour, unripe fruit.
Flour or whole wheat is helpful but irritates the digestive tract.

Light food

Everything that can not be considered a heavy food, refers to light: this low-calorie and easily digestible foods. The first group includes almost all vegetables except potatoes and corn: cucumbers, zucchini, beets, celery, carrots. Many fruits and berries also have in their composition a small amount of calories is citrus, pineapple, raspberries, currants.

Foods that are easily digested, often has the consistency of liquid, puree, pulp. Are any soups from vegetables or lean meat, boiled chopped meat or fish, steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, low-fat cottage cheese, well boiled porridge made from various cereals, jelly, mousse, no sugar.