The quality and the amount of time tablet

Operation time without recharging the tablet, which indicate the manufacturers often differ considerably from real time operation. Due to the fact, as the manufacturer checks the battery.

Testing is quite simple – to enable video on the tablet and recorded how the charge lasts. The second stage turn on the music and again record the time. Then do the same with surfing on the Internet. Average time shows the truth, but often manufacturers share exactly the points of its audit. Why does it not reflect reality?

Because they do not take into account the factor of the user. The human factor plays a role in the discharge of the battery. As we know tablet owners are often not doing the same job for the whole amount of time of the charge operation. Users can surf the Internet and listen to music at the same time, can watch the movie and distracted by the ringing of Skype. Naturally, with such use to predict how much the tablet will run without charging, very difficult.

Simple tips of prolong the operating time of tablet

Often very common misconception that to charge the tablet is necessary, as rarely as possible. In fact, the more the tablet is charging, the better. After all, if the battery capacity becomes greater, but the wear will be faster. However, even if every day to charge, the battery according to the manufacturer, will last 4 years, whereas the reported lifetime of the tablet for 2 years only. So do not be afraid to charge 1-2 times a day of it.

The second tip is to pay attention to the currently installed and running in the background of the program. Any applications always load the CPU and wasting battery. Should permanently disable the program via background mode to tablet longer worked.

Third tip – turn off Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth when they are not needed. They consume significant amount of energy. When you watch a movie, Internet and cellular network, you don't need him, unless of course you are watching it not on the Internet. And Bluetooth does not need almost never.

And one last tip – adjust screen brightness downward if it is convenient at the moment. The brightness of the screen always consumes a lot of energy.