In fact, every young mother is worried if she eat the bread during breast-feeding, will not affect whether the yeast on the quality and taste of breast milk. In addition, the desire to return to former physical form also influences the choice - is there any bread.

Breastfeeding is a fairly energy-intensive process. And where else but in bread, you can find a number of simple and complex carbohydrates? Therefore, eating bread can be, but it should be done in moderation and at the same time monitor the reaction of your baby.

In addition to the bread there are other types of pastry, such as biscuits, pasta, cookies. These products should not be discounted.

It is better to distribute the amount eaten bread for meals. With the first you can eat 1-2 pieces. With the second you can do it is not.

White and black bread

Making your diet, you need to remember that white bread contains starch, which can lead to constipation in children. In adults, it can cause fermentation or flatulence. Of course, the consumption of such bread should be avoided.

In General, freshly baked bread, no matter how delicious and aromatic it may be, works hard on the stomach and can bind the stool. Therefore, it is better to eat already slightly dried bread, and even absolutely crackers.

During storage of bread continues to undergo chemical processes. And the key is not just dried bread. It is a completely different food product. Is it possible from the very beginning of breastfeeding.

There is also a bread not only from wheat flour, but rye, corn, buckwheat, and sometimes even with bran. This bread stimulates the digestion, but it is not completely safe. Those who suffer from gastritis, peptic ulcer and flatulence should be careful. Because these varieties have higher acidity than white.


As for the buns product, they certainly have a beautiful appearance, very good smell, sweet and delicious. Buns will not only expand the diet, but also bring pleasure to the mother. So, if you want, and the baby is no allergic reactions, muffin can be eaten in small quantities. Better in the first half of the day. Then calories will be spent on lactation and other needs of the body, and not settle at the waist.

If we buy buns, should prefer baking with fresh fruit and berries, raisins, dried apricots and cheese. These chocolate toppings, condensed milk, jam and sugar powder should be avoided. There really are so many calories.

So again the main thing. Bread during lactation can eat. The main thing – in moderation. And then no baby will not have allergies, nor the mother will not stick weight.