Prepare the template for the first and subsequent sheets specifications according to GOST 2.108-68. Templates are A4 sheets with images on them tables with graphs "Format", "Area", "Position", "Designation", "Name", "Number" and "note". At the bottom of the sheet should be placed the main inscription, which will show the name of the developer, reviewer, and other information about the document.
Complete the sheet. Specify the name of the developer, reviewer, and who will approve the specification. Enter the ordinal number of the sheet and specify the number of sheets of the document. Don't forget the last sheet to make the sheet for registration of changes to the template can be found in GOST 2.503-90. In this sheet, there are changes that will be made to the document during the whole time of its existence. If the specification fits on two sheets, the sheet registration changes not included. If the number of the specification sheets is three or more, is added to the sign-in sheet. Thus, in the "Sheets" in the sheet can not stand the number "3" (or "2" without the registration list, or "4" with the sign-up sheet).
Sign the sections of the specification. The section titles are written in the column "Name" and underlined by a thin line. Sections of the specifications are in the following order: "Documentation", "Complexes", "subassemblies", "Details", "Standard products", "other articles", "Materials", "Sets".
In the section "Documentation" write the symbols and names of the design documents, which are available on the product. First, as a rule, is the Assembly drawing, then other supporting documentation, e.g. statement of specifications, process documents, instructions, etc.
Fill in the sections "Complexes", "Assembly units" and "Details" the names and symbols of the corresponding parts or components included in the product. It is recommended to arrange them in alphabetical order and with the same combination of letters in the designation, in the order of increasing serial numbers.
Do not forget to specify the item number, which is a detail or an Assembly unit drawing), the format of the sheet on which the drawing is depicted the relevant parts. For prefabricated units in the specification are introduced, refer to their specifications and are, therefore, in the column "Format", select "A4".
Fill in the other sections of the specifications. In the section "Standard products," write the products made by interstate, state and industry standards (e.g., fasteners). In the section "other articles" written products, applied according to the technical specifications (resistors, capacitors, etc.). In the section "Materials" shall include all applied in the product materials and their amounts (paper, cables, etc.).