Spanish scientists point out that the problems of obesity and excess weight are not associated directly with the use of bread as food. The bread does not contribute to weight gain, but rather helps to get rid of extra pounds and improve digestion.

Useful properties of bread

The fact is that even a small amount of bread creates a sense of fullness in the stomach. Besides, this product is absorbed completely. Of course, we are not talking about a constant diet of bread. Biologists, incidentally, claim that the benefits of any bread, including white, were exposed to persecution by nutritionists. However, you should avoid baked goods with lots of sugar, it leads to deposition of fat. And, of course, if you consume calories (from any food) more than you expend, this necessarily will lead to the appearance of extra pounds. That is why sweet bakery products contribute to rapid weight gain because they offer a very high caloric content.

In recent decades, the range of bread Department stores increased markedly. Now there you can find the grain and branny bread. It should be noted that the presence of this "useful" bread surprised many would be bakers of past centuries, as they tried to rid the bread of ballast substances — grain shell and bran to make it tastier and softer. Now, these ballast substances called dietary fibre, is considered very useful and even add to the bread. Dietary fiber, that is, in any bread, but the grain and trubna they are present in large amounts, excrete unnecessary and frankly harmful substances, as natural adsorbents.

Bread with additives

If you still doubt the usefulness of all types of bread, give preference multizernovaya and whole wheat bread. In such products often additionally add vitamins and beneficial minerals, most often phosphorus, magnesium, iron and vitamins B2, B1 and E. White bread can rarely boast of such a set of trace elements, so technically it can be considered less useful, although it also quickly provides a feeling of satiety and helps digestion.

The most popular form of useful or "diet" bread — branny. Bran have the useful property of absorbing all kinds of harmful substances that enter the body with food, besides, they absorb allergens and significantly improve immunity. Branny bread is high in fiber, protein and vitamins.