What bread is better for figures

To get rid of excess weight, it is important to give preference to vegetable bread, prepared as in ancient times - on hop leaven without yeast. This product has a low calorific value and at the same time very nutritious.

Also useful for dark rye bread – one slice contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. It satisfies your hunger for a long time and contributes to the normalization of metabolism, which is important for weight loss.

But the most useful for health and shape is considered to be bread from whole grains. Constituent carbohydrates refer to complex, so – longer absorbed by the body and converted into energy and not deposited in problem areas. In addition, this bread is high in fiber and biologically active substances.

But about any white bread, including rolls and a baguette, it is necessary to forget once and for all. This product has a high calorie and absolutely no benefit to the body. To lose weight, it is necessary to refuse from sweet products.

How to eat bread to lose weight

In nutrition there is a Golden rule – carbohydrates for Breakfast, proteins for dinner. For this reason, the bread is only in the first half of the day – then all the contained calories will be metabolized by the body into energy which will be expended during the day. Occasionally you can afford a slice of rye bread or vegetable with a light soup during lunch. However, during dinner about this product should be forgotten forever.

It is also important to combine bread with other foods. With it you can do sandwiches, but not with mayonnaise or sausage, with cheese, avocado or fish. It goes well with vegetable salads, light soups, or simply with tea or coffee for Breakfast. But cereals, butter, and meat with carbohydrate-rich dishes of bread to drink should not be.

To eat bread, but to lose weight, it is also important to review your diet – refuse smoked products, pickles, synthetic products, fast food and carbonated drinks, fatty foods. Eat 4-5 times a day but in small portions. It is also very important not to skip Breakfast and eat a light dinner 5 hours before bedtime.

Daily you can consume up to 150 grams of bread is approximately two small pieces. However, if you do sports or at least actively move every day, you can afford the same number. If you spend all derived from food calories before sleep, they will not harm the figure.