How many calories in bread from wheat flour

This type of bread is considered to be less useful, since it is composed of quite a few vitamins and good for digestion of fiber. But wheat bread has a high calorie content. Depending on the grade and formulation of the preparation, 100 grams of this product may contain 240 to 270 calories. A calorie rich products can reach 300 calories.
That's why baguettes, rolls and loaves should be abandoned completely or consume them in small quantity only in the first half of the day.

Calorie and use rye bread

Unlike wheat, rye bread is more useful not only to slim the waist, but overall health. Typically, 100 g of this product has from 190 to 210 calories. It contains a lot of useful carbohydrates, proteins and a small amount of fat.

Bread, from rye flour is rich in b vitamins, vitamins PP and E. the Latter, incidentally, is responsible for skin elasticity and is considered one of the most effective antioxidants. Brown bread, including Borodinskiy, nourishes the body with vitamins and minerals: iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium. It also contains essential amino acids.

This composition makes rye bread is very healthy. He quickly satisfies hunger, improves metabolism and promotes the excretion of harmful compounds. But if it includes additional ingredient in the form of bran, this bread nourishes the body with fiber and normalizes digestion.
Very useful also is rye bread with nuts, caraway or flax seed. This product contains more vitamins and perfectly cleanses the body.

How to eat bread

To completely abandon the bread, nutritionists do not recommend, as it contains many healthy vitamins, micro - and macroelements. However, not to gain weight, it is advisable to include in your diet bakery products of rye flour, whole grain, sprouted grain or bread made on a drunken sourdough without yeast – as long it was prepared in Russia.

People with normal weight are advised to eat no more than 200 grams of bread a day preferably in the morning. This is about two small pieces. Those who suffer from obesity, it is better to limit bread consumption to 100 grams per day. While it should not be eaten together with potatoes, meat, butter and cereals. The best option is toast for Breakfast or a small piece of bread with salad or soup for lunch.