Use rye bread

Rye bread is rich in phosphorus, magnesium, iron, vitamins a, b, PP and E. it includes essential amino acids, mineral salts, micro - and macroelements, necessary for our body. All this makes rye bread a very useful product in winter when the body lacks vitamins.

Also this type of bread has a high content of soluble fiber, which has beneficial effects on the digestion process, cleanses the body of toxins and gives a feeling of satiety after eating. In addition, the fiber digestion of the body spends a lot of energy, which helps to get rid of extra pounds. And this product removes from the blood vessels of excess cholesterol.
Not long ago, Swedish researchers found that rye bread has the property to absorb fat in the intestines and helps to maintain the insulin level in the blood.

How to consume rye bread in the diet

Despite the obvious benefits of rye bread health and weight normalization, to consume it in the diet in small quantities. Calories of the product, though less than wheat bread or products made from dough, but still quite high - 100 grams contains 190 calories. That's why it is better in the first half of the day, e.g. for Breakfast. Is the consumption of rye bread is typical of the Mediterranean diet. Then the body in the morning will get a charge of energy needed for the whole day, and all the calories will be spent by lunchtime.
On the day it is advisable to eat no more than 2 small pieces of this product to get rid of extra pounds.

To lose weight also very important correctly to combine rye with other products. Its good to eat with tea or coffee, soups or broths, light vegetable salads, low-fat dairy products. But to consume rye bread with foods rich in carbohydrates or proteins nutritionists not recommended.
From the rye bread I should avoid in peptic ulcer disease, or gastritis with high acidity.

The right choice of rye bread in the diet

Important when diet is the right choice of bread. Especially useful is the classic rye bread, which has been prepared in Russia from rye leaven, without yeast. It is best to choose the baking is very dark in color, indicating the grinding of the flour to 97% and save all useful components of the beans in the bread. A reasonable consumption of such a product will not only saturate the body with nutrients, but absolutely will not affect the figure.