General information

On the official website Qiwi stated that plastic card Qiwi visa plastic allows its owner to pay in stores and cash card money at ATMs around the world. While the amount on the card is always equal to the amount in the wallet.

The card is debit (i.e., credit to go minus with it does not). The application for benefits is easy to make in the personal Cabinet Qiwi. Then its manufacture from your e-account will charge 100 rubles (in that case, if you wish to receive the card by post of Russia), or 425 rubles (if the delivery of a plastic card you entrust to a courier). And after some you get a Qiwi visa plastic with a validity of 1 year.

Please note that the map has no name holder. However, any problems with your payments this will not occur.
Plastic card QIWI Visa type is Visa Instant Issue cards of international payment system Visa, which are impersonal, i.e. without specifying the name of the holder.

Instant and easy money transfer

For example, being in a far journey or trip, due to some life circumstances you may need money. You can ask your friends or relatives to translate them into your account and they can do it in just a few minutes, knowing only the number of your cell phone. The account number in the Qiwi coincides with the number attached to it phone. So familiar to your family room will become for them an additional proof that the money on the plastic card will come to you and not unknown to the attacker. The money will immediately appear on your card Qiwi visa plastic, in any time of the day. Neither you nor your loved ones will not need to go to any Bank or representative office of a money transfer system.

Comfortable family card

Card Qiwi visa plastic convenient to use if you want to keep under control the correct and proper use of pocket money of your children. One of Qiwi wallet you can bind up to 5 active cards. In your account on the Qiwi site in the section "Reports" you can also view the history and contents payments on certain cards. In addition, it is possible to give the maps have specific names (e.g. the names of your children) for better orientation in the family expenses. There is also a free SMS notification about the receipt/expenditure of funds.

A means of cashless payment without commissions

To withdraw cash from debit cards Qiwi can seem expensive.
Commission for cash withdrawal: 2% of payment amount + 50 RUB (regardless of the Bank, the ATM of which the client used when withdrawing cash).
But as a means of cashless payment – this card is very good. For payments in Russian stores, as well as payments made abroad in foreign currency, no Commission is charged.
The Commission is charged only for payments in foreign stores in rubles and equals 2.5%.

A handy tool for personal business

If you are freelancing or small business online and accept my job e-money card Qiwi visa plastic can be very useful to you. In addition, you can also bind to Qiwi-wallet account the other major payment systems of the Runet – WebMoney and Yandex-money (the binding is carried out by using a credit card Yandex). Transferring funds from the last to the account in Qiwi your earnings, you immediately have access to all your money with your plastic card and can make it through a non-cash purchase or cash out e-currency.