Electronic money - is a special way to preserve cash on electronic media. They are very convenient in a situation remote pay for various goods and services. They can be transferred from one user to another, and often to withdraw from the system in the form of cash.Such money is usually stored in so-called "electronic purses". One of the most popular of such services became a QIWI-purse. To use interactive money in the system has its own peculiarities.The purse can be replenished or translations from other users in the form of electronic money or deposited into the account system real money. For this you can use Bank transfer, Bank card, cash through payment terminals QIWI, and even sent funds from the mobile phone account.After that you can use QIWI-money in various ways. They are especially useful in case if you don't have a credit card or it does not support payments via the Internet. Also the use of electronic money can be safer than entering the data of your card on sites that are not credible.You can pay by electronic money of various types of purchases in online stores, Internet services providers, mobile operators, cable TV, plane tickets. They also take payments some banks as repayment of the loan. A complete list of organizations can be found on the website of QIWI wallet: https://w.qiwi.ru/payments.action if necessary, you can withdraw your money from an electronic system. Your funds will be credited to your registered Bank card.For check QIWI wallet will not be charged any one-time or monthly fee. However, for the majority of operations related to electronic money, you will have to pay a certain percentage, specified on the QIWI website in section "Tariffs".