Payment terminals QIWI began to appear in Russia since 2004. This electronic payment service has won many fans. Here is an opportunity not only individuals, but also companies to make instant payments for their goods and services.

Advantages of QIWI:

  • The complete absence of commissions for financial transactions within the system.
  • The possibility of obtaining banking and electronic VISA cards.
  • There is the possibility to combine QIWIкошелек with other payment systems that allows you to make purchases in stores that do not cooperate with the Russian online payment systems.
  • High quality software for mobile devices.

Disadvantages of the payment system QIWI:

  • The relatively low level of security in comparison with other payment systems. Here is a confirmation of the transaction is the SMS password to the mobile phone number linked to the wallet.
  • Cannot Fund my account using QIWI, Sberbank online.
  • For most operations a limited amount at the maximum payment for penderitaan users.
  • Numerous failures in the system. There were occasions when delays in the receipt of funds to the account lasted a few days.
  • The status "Inactive user" is assigned to all those who do not use a purse for six months. Every day from his account to write off a kind of penalty in the amount of 10 rubles per day.


This company appeared on the market in 2002. With the help of this payment system it is possible to make and accept payment, and make transfers to your Bank account.

Yandex.Money works only with rubles, but there is the possibility of transferring into another currency on a fixed inside the system rate.

Owner of the electronic wallet Yandex.The money can only be a natural person. For legal persons connecting to the system via other services.

On a mobile device, you can install a program that allows you to use your account without an account through the website of the company.

The advantages of the payment system Yandex.Money:

  • Very easy registration and intuitive interface of the program.
  • It is possible to produce electronic or plastic card MasterCard.
  • Electronic purse is not tied to one computer or device.
  • In case of lost password or damage to program files, system restore and return the money to the account promptly.
  • All monies in the system Yandex.Money guaranteed real cash reserves, which are the largest Russian banks.
  • In case of an error during the payment, the money is always returned at the expense and not disappear without a trace.

Disadvantages of the payment system Yandex.Money:

  • The system is available to only individuals.
  • High Commission.
  • The lack of support for foreign currencies.
  • There are many cases blocking wallets.


This system of online payments appeared in 1998. Here as payment used special characters, which nominally are not money, so this payment system is not officially registered in Russia.

The system works with many world currencies, which are marked with special marks (for example, WMR, WMZ, etc.)

The registration procedure is quite complicated, but depending on the information you provided, the service will provide you with the appropriate certificate. The higher the level of your certificate, the more opportunities the system open to you.

The advantages of the payment system WebMoney:

  • This is perhaps the most common payment system. To pay WM can be almost any store.
  • The highest level of security.
  • The opportunity to work with many world currencies, you can even open a purse full of gold.
  • Tremendous opportunities for cash withdrawal.

The shortcomings of the WebMoney payment system:

  • Quite a complicated registration procedure.
  • A complex system of unlocking the wallet.
  • Difficulties in the transfer of funds from wallet to a Bank card.
  • The user provides the service too much personal information.
  • From users known to be some dissatisfaction with the quality of the technical support system.