Immediately after the breakup try to move away from my ex-husband. Delete his phone number and chat history, get rid of all his photos where he is present. The mere sight of a former lover at first will bring pain, so avoid any communication with him, and also reduce to a minimum the "accidental" meeting.
Must get rid of all things that remind you of past relationships. Throw out all gifts, cards, personal things that he accidentally left. It will be very difficult, but to get rid of the sad memories you should do it. You can ask the help of one of his best friends.
If you completely shield yourself from communication is not possible, for example, you have children or a family business, try to create boundaries and new rules. For example, communicate only about the children or work situations, avoiding conversation about his personal life.
Ask for support from their relatives or friends. In this situation you need the help of friends, who will play the role of "vests". Even if you want to be alone, lie down and cry, feeling sorry for myself – still need loved ones close by, ready to help in difficult times.
As a rule, women are more likely than men to blame themselves for relationship breakup and I think that after breaking up they have no chance to meet a new love and live happily ever after with another man. So you need to forgive yourself and try to realize that you did everything you could to save the relationship. But, unfortunately, did not work, but it's not your fault.
It is not necessary to experience depression after a separation with her ex-husband. Yes, he left you, but life goes on. Start working on yourself, overestimate all the experience, rethink values of life.
Take yourself in hand and direct all your energies into teaching, try to create your own business, take care of your body, book a course of fitness. Learn to drive a car, change a profession, if you've always dreamed of, but dared not. Future success helps you forget past failures.
Revise your past life and think about the future. The fact that you left one person doesn't mean you can't be happy in a new life. Think about what you want from life. Set goals and strive to achieve them with success. And most importantly – believe in yourself and you will succeed.