After he heard these terrible words, the woman begins to seek the cause in ourselves, others, husband. Guilt replaced the feeling of aggression and so on. Not knowing why it happened, the girl scrolls in his memory the moments of family life and trying to understand where the moment when she lost control of the situation. But no need to torment yourself, if the man decided to leave, he will leave. It is important to decide and understand how to live.

The most difficult thing in this situation is to understand what happened. But the realization does not come immediately, it will take time to get a little the pain, and a desire to live. To learn to live very difficult, especially when it was betrayal from a loved one. But it's the difficulties of life with which we must learn to cope. Over time, the pain that had settled in the heart, will cease and there will be hope for a brighter future. The important thing is to find the strength to believe in myself.

At the first stage of "healing" you need to mentally forgive and release the person. This will make it difficult, but necessary. Otherwise it will be impossible to move forward. The second step will be the realization of their errors and correcting them. Every person is aware of his shortcomings, but somehow forgets to work on them. Now is the best time to work on yourself and prepare yourself for a new relationship. The third, concluding stage, will be based on a compilation of goals and the realization of their desires. Only when the woman understand what she really wants, life will begin to change. Unchanged and its past has no future.