Why the need for "taxpayer's Personal account"

Personal Cabinet is designed primarily for the convenience of taxpayers. Now they are no of applications, long waits and queues can get all the required information. Among the features of the service:
- obtaining relevant information on registered property and transportation projects, accrued and paid taxes on them;
- the control over a condition of calculations with the budget, debts and overpayments;
In order to get an idea about the functional features of the system, you need to enter in login form login – 000000000000 (12 zeros) and an arbitrary password.

- obtaining and downloading tax notices and receipts;
- payment of tax payments;
- tracking verification of tax declarations according to form No. 3-NDFL.

The service also can directly contact the tax authorities without a personal visit.

How to get access to the personal Cabinet of the taxpayer

To gain access to the personal Cabinet you need to go to any FTS, not only at his residence. It is necessary to write the application and to show the passport and INN.
To access a personal document can only personally by presenting a passport. Other ways to do it is impossible, as information in the personal account be tax secret.
If the application is filed through a Trustee, you must provide a notarized power of attorney.

Will only get a registration card with a login and temporary password to access the "my account". Within a month the password must be changed to any convenient and memorable. If the taxpayer misses that deadline, he will need to go back to FNS to receive a connection. If you lose the password you will have to do the same, in other ways it cannot be restored. This is done to ensure security and prevent access to the contained information to third parties, as an initial password is issued on paper.

To access your personal account without a visit to the FTS is only possible with the use of electronic signatures (ES) or universal electronic card (UEC). Citizens, who have a EP/UEC can write the application form in electronic form on the main page. In this case, you need to enter only phone number and email address. Other details will be read automatically. After gaining access to the personal account will remain to enter a username and password. But you will be able to log in to the service when using VC or UEC.