Candida above all – fungi-a sweet tooth, so sugar, flour and yeast the perfect environment for their rapid development. Don't want to risk not absorb excessive quantities of cakes, pastries, candy, chocolate, honey, jam, sweet drinks.
Even sweet fruits, which are very good for the body, better is a little that the concentrations of sugars were not high. Especially grapes, watermelons, bananas, pineapples, persimmons, mangoes.
To a lesser extent, the yeast can provoke and "hidden" sugars, which are formed from metabolized carbohydrates. And this is anything that contains wheat flour, starch: bread, pasta, butter cakes, potatoes, etc.
"Hidden" sugars abound in foods such as cheese, liver, meats, salty fish. And even in any alcoholic beverages they are. The greatest risk are the wine and even more beer and kvass, as in them, besides sugar, contains yeast.
Fungi intensely divided not only in sweet, but in an acidic environment. Therefore, it is important to maintain the acid-alkaline balance in the body. Excessive acidic fruits, sauces, vinegar, infusion of rose hips, hibiscus tea causes it to "acidification".
Moreover, for Candida favorable any foods that cause intestinal fermentation. For someone it starts after apples, someone- after cabbage, garlic, legumes. For fungi it can only be good.
To avoid intensive gassing, nutritionists advise properly combine different types of products. So, for example, meats are not recommended with carbohydrate side dishes in the form of potatoes, pasta or rice and with vegetables, herbs.
And one more thing, which you should always remember. When the products are stored for a long time in the fridge, some of them are covered with a thin, often invisible film moulds. They are "allies" of fungi Candida.