When you become the owner of a gorgeous home mini-pond, you may have a natural question how to build a frame pool. Naturally, to build the water tank should refer to the enclosed instructions, but often in modern manuals just no translation on Russian language or all described quite difficult. It also happens that the user manual is lost. In this case, do not worry, because the technology to build most pools are the same.
To set frame pool, you first need to choose the right platform for swimming. Find on your site is even the place that the greater part of daylight is the sun. Try to set the frame away from tall trees, so they do not cast a shadow on the pool and did not litter it with trash.
Try to provide a convenient approach to the place of bathing, the ability to spread a blanket nearby, or install the sun loungers. To do this, measure the area, leaving with her two to three meters of free space with at least one side.
It is desirable to put a frame pool on a grassy surface. You should not fill it further with sand. The pad should be cleaned from sharp objects, tall grass, lightly trample or mow.
Cover the surface of the site on which you want to set frame pool, with a special blanket. If it is not included in the kit fit tight cellophane. Litter will protect the bottom of the pool from dirt, then you will not need to clean it after Assembly for the winter.
Spread on the bedcover a rubber pool. Let it soak a couple hours in the sun. This will make it more pliable and soft, to avoid gaps, would facilitate work.
Tightly close the drain valves on the pool walls. Plug holes for connecting the filter pump.
Lay the frame in front of him, examining the contents.
Slide the horizontal bar in the straps of the tank and connect them together. Miss a vertical strap through the retaining straps on the tank walls and attach to the horizontal base.
Align frame pool level. This process should be approached carefully, because after filling the water bowl to move the design would be impossible. Flatten the bowl of the pool, giving the frame its final position.
You managed to install frame pool in your cottage. After Assembly, check if you have unnecessary items, and start filling the tank with water. Do not forget to connect the filter pump which will keep water clean.