You will need
  • - gravel;
  • - sand;
  • - formwork;
  • - concrete grade W-8;
  • - waterproof plaster;
  • - waterproofing;
  • - finishing materials and attributes.
To build a pool in the bath, it is necessary to determine the type so as to make the stationary Assembly built into the floor or standing on the surface and ready to install Spa pool with all the modern designs. Everyone chooses their own type, depending on financial possibilities and needs.
With prefabricated constructions, everything is clear. For them break the ground and mounted skeleton of the pool. A more complex set of stationary pool. It is possible to plan as on the construction phase and afterwards.
In any case, if installing below floor level, dig a pit of the desired size. It needs to be at a distance of 70 cm from the Foundation of the baths. You should also consider the level of groundwater, that is, in areas where the groundwater is located very close to the surface of the earth, absolutely impractical to install a pool below the floor level, as over time will float not only the pool, but also the Foundation. In areas where groundwater is very low, the most suitable variant of installation is below the floor level. Stationary construction designed for long life and will last without maintenance at least 50 years.
The bottom of the pit as add to the Foundation of a thick layer of sand and gravel. Install formwork at the bottom of the pool and edges. Formwork install reinforcement cage. Water has a large specific weight, so the walls must be solid with a minimum thickness of 50 cm on the sides and the bottom.
Install pipes that will drain water from the pool when it is replaced and cover the entire formwork with concrete. Normal concrete is not suitable for pools, so use ready mixers brand W-8. Filled the bowl needs to dry for 31 days.
Remove the formwork, stukatura all surfaces using water-resistant formulations, sold in hardware supermarkets under different brand names and from different manufacturers, designed specifically for plastering swimming pools.
On the entire surface of the plaster, apply a waterproofing layer of material intended for use in water.
All. Next, decorate the pool at their own discretion. Install anti-skid tiles, railings, staircase, water heating installation, water purification system. All these items are on sale for every taste and budget.