You will need
  • - the study of blood and urine;
  • - CT scan or x-ray;
  • - a special herb.
Ask your doctor about differentVenosta stones. Distinguish calcium education, they are diagnosed more often. Uric acid stones can form if dehydration, eating mostly protein foods, people suffering from gout. Their appearance can cause genetic factors and metabolic disorders. Cystine stones occur less often. This contributes to heredity, kidneys begin to produce a lot of amino acids.
Take the direction to the study of blood and urine. The General analysis will provide information about the excess calcium or uric acid in the blood. It can be used to monitor the status of the urinary system. The study will show how the organism allocates the substances that form stones.
Make an appointment for a CT scan or x-ray. Can agree on research of the stone. Urinate on a special sieve which can catch eye-catching education. During laboratory studies it will become clear what they are. The doctor will analyze the result and give the answer why kidney stones are formed how to treat them, what to do to prevent a relapse.
Look at the results of the surveys. In the presence of cystine stones in the urine has hexagonal crystals, which characterizes the violation of the metabolism. The specialist will prescribe medication, which can be performed on an outpatient basis.
Use the method of dowsing. The formation of stones provoke geopatogene zone, hard water, uric acid - resulting from the consumption of dairy products. As a rule, to stop using such foods and eliminating other negative effects, their growth stops.
Buy in a pharmacy special herbs that promotes the breakdown of stones in the kidneys, do not engage in physical culture, and avoid overloading. So you will be able to eliminate the danger of clogging of ducts and to avoid surgical intervention.