Undoubtedly, childhood and adolescence the most significant danger for the kidneys become inflammatory disease. Kidney lesions can lead to frequent sore throats, which are caused by streptococcal infection and the development of the inflammatory process occurs quite slowly and gradually, but the increased load may cause a significant deterioration of the patient. In addition, infectious agents kidney can affect some viruses transmitted by biting insects and protozoa (e.g., Toxoplasma).
At older patient there are other risks to kidney damage can cause diabetes, fluctuations in blood pressure levels, atherosclerosis, hormonal disorders. Therefore, early detection of these diseases and their insistent treatment help prevent of renal functions (regulation of the contents of minerals in the blood content of the fluid). You should also not expose your body to constant load when the abuse of alcoholic beverages of any strength – they destroy the kidneys and cause renal failure.
Attention should be paid to blood transfusions and drugs, purpose of drugs, which can provoke allergic diseases. In case of allergic vasculitis kidney disease occurs in 60% of patients, but it is, fortunately, in most cases reversible - timely treatment helps to restore.
It should be remembered and inherited metabolic disorders – often kidney disease occurs when the metabolic proteins, in particular gout, or the formation of so-called "sand" and stones in the renal pelvis or the ureters in different types of diathesis. Such stones are much easier to treat when they are small in size, but for the purposes of treatment consultation with a qualified urologist, some stones should not attempt to dissolve and withdraw, it can cause significant harm to the body, and treatment will require surgery.
To take care of the kidneys to regulate the salt intake and fluid, to try to control their weight, use regular exercise within reasonable limits, aggressively seek to eliminate chronic infections.