The Internet portal conducted a survey on how often women and men cheating on each other. According to the results, it was found out that male infidelity are still a greater number (28% of respondents confessed to his infidelity), but girls more often try to remain faithful to my beloved man. However, among the fairer sex had connections on the side of the 17% of respondents.
In addition, using the same survey revealed that both men and women cheat on their partners often after reaching the age of forty. And the presence of children does not save the situation but only worsen it, as the side hikes will only increase.
However, not all so sad. Those interviewed not only admitted to cheating, but affirmed his loyalty to the beloved, and the women were more faithful because of the number of people who participated in the study, 70% of women would never betray their husbands among men, this figure was only 53%.
It turns out that girls cheat on their guys not so often, and for this reason they should be significant. If the stronger sex is a betrayal to meet their own physical needs, women seek solace on the side often in the case of a spouse's indifference, despair or a new love.
Sociologist and PhD Anatoly Zaitsev is sure that both men and women find lovers and lovers in various places. 31% of girls and 28% of boys answered that he had an affair at work, 34% of females and 20% of the strong - the rest, 2% of women and 20% of men - on a business trip, and the joy with neighbours are solved by 10% wives and 4% of men.
It is considered that to change very often pushes the long absence of intercourse with a regular partner. However, this concerns mainly the male population. Respondents confirmed that 11% of men. Among women, only 9% would look for a replacement for my beloved because of physical needs.
Among other grounds of marital betrayal should highlight the desire to prove to herself her attractiveness. 6% of women seducing other men to boost their self-esteem and elevate himself in their eyes. Men too are prone to such behavior, and even more often than the fairer sex. 10% of boys agreed that went to the betrayal for the sake of his belief in his own sexuality.