Chasing extra inches, most men are absolutely in no hurry to surgeons, trying to find possible alternatives. Systematizing disparate information, it should be noted the most popular, recommended folk remedies, promoting increase of a member.

The primary method massage. For the preparation of a member it is necessary to cut off a small piece of soft cloth, and then moisten it with warm water, pressing out the excess liquid. You can then wrap a cloth penis, thereby increasing blood flow in it. Hold for three minutes the cloth, you should repeat the procedure. After that you need to wipe his penis dry. The training ends. The skin softened and circulation is improved.

Massage and psychological training

Now proceed immediately to the massage, to perform which can be in any position of the body. A little bit should squeeze the head, but not much. Then pull in the direction of a member before the appearance of discomfort. In this position, you should stop for five minutes. Return a member in place, performing a gentle massage, which restores blood flow. After that stretch in side repeat, changing direction every time. After each procedure required to restore blood flow, giving rest to the member. In conclusion, it should pull itself from the penis, holding it so for a minute. Squeeze it ten times, ending the massage. All actions must be performed slowly, not making any sudden movements. The result will be noticeable after three months.

Also an interesting psychological way. Its essence is simple enough – before you sleep daily need to submit the desired penis size. It stimulates the production of specific hormones, leading to increased growth of the penis. This small auditory training may take only a few minutes a day.

Point impact and decoctions of herbs

Another popular method recommends to affect the active points of the male body. According to recommendations, should only work on points corresponding to the size of manhood. To consult on this issue and find out the location of the active points the reflexologist.

The most common method is to brew of various plants. It is better to turn to witch doctors who will tell you exactly what herbs can enlarge the penis. The most popular plants are: Korean ginseng, Tribulus and hawthorn. The duration of therapy is usually for several weeks.