What is HCG

This specific pregnancy hormone begins to produce fabrics of an embryo immediately after implantation. A marked increase in its concentration in the blood serum is observed already on day 7 – 10 after conception. In the first weeks of pregnancy the level of HCG doubles every two days and corresponds to a certain date. From the woman's body hormone is excreted in the urine unchanged, which makes possible the early diagnosis of pregnancy by the test.

How long you can analyze

Active secretion of HCG in a woman's body reaches the diagnostic level of 7 – 10 days after fertilization. Therefore, an effective test should be conducted two weeks after the alleged conception, which corresponds to three days of delay of menstruation. It is desirable to use the morning urine, in which the concentration of the hormone will be at its maximum. The accuracy of the result will depend on execution of all instructions that came with the tests, which are currently available in several types.

The advantages of digital test

Clearblue Digital is the first and only test for early diagnosis of pregnancy that contains an intelligent sensor two hormones. It not only informs about the presence or absence of pregnancy, but also to determine the time in weeks after conception: (1-2), (2-3) and (3+). The sensitivity of the Clearblue Digital is over 99 %, which allows to use it 4 days before expected menstruation (one week after the alleged conception). When using this test do not have to use morning urine.

A doctor's consultation

After conducting early diagnosis of pregnancy in domestic conditions, regardless of the results, it is advisable to seek the advice of a gynecologist. Because the test only indicates the presence of pregnancy, and not on its location. In some cases, the results of the analysis can be distorted: in multiple pregnancies the level of HCG increases in proportion to the number of fetuses, and at its lower concentrations is possible, the implantation of the ovum outside the uterus or a threatened abortion. When you confirm intrauterine pregnancy, early registration will insurance its prosperous development. In case of a long delay period and a negative test result, the expert will help understand the cause of menstrual irregularities.