The Terrier is very gentle decorative dog. Its growth is 20-26 inches, and a weight of 1.3-2.7 kg. He has long legs and a small rounded muzzle. Feature of dogs are large, slightly bulging eyes, they give the Terrier a meaningful, condusive to his expression. The life expectancy of a dog is 10-15 years.


The first thing that attracts attention when meeting with the Terrier is its tiny growth. But unlike the Chihuahua, toy Terrier looks taller and sleeker, and many even compare him with the deer.

Like most Terriers proportion Terrier can be inscribed in a square. Ideally, the length of its body should be equal to the height of the withers. This figure allows the dog to tirelessly run and jump.

The differences in appearance of the sexes Terrier poorly expressed. Both boys and girls have roughly the same height and weight. Such a similarity is caused by practicality. Female toy Terrier difficult to carry and give birth to puppies from a larger male, so knit a dog with a smaller dog.

Despite the small size, Russian toy Terrier is a very agile dog. Moves mostly wide trot. The pacing is not typical for this breed.

Coat and color toy Terrier

The Terriers are smooth-haired and longhaired. In haired dogs the coat is short, glossy, close to the body. The long-haired Terriers have long fur on the ears, sometimes reaching 16 inches or more. Coat on the body is also slightly longer than the smooth-haired Terriers.

The breed must be all red, tonal hues and variations of tan. Monochrome black and white coat color is a fault.

The nature of the Terrier

The nature of Terrier is energetic and friendly. He can easily make friends with dogs and other animals. Toy-Terrier everywhere ready to accompany his master. It is usually worn on the hands or in a basket. Due to the size this dog can be easily carried in public transport.

Walking toy Terrier should not tremble with fear at the sight of the cars and other dogs, and should not show aggression towards others. This behavior may be due to the isolation of the dog. Though the breed toy-Terrier and called the room, but for normal formation of the psyche the dog need to communicate with the outside world.

As a dog of any other breed, the Terrier needs to be trained. We can't let him growl and bark at other people and Pets to sleep on your pillow at any time to jump to his knees. Ignoring education can lead to the fact that your Terrier will develop a "Napoleon syndrome". A small dog will consider himself the main and to impose their desire household.