You will need
  • A small treat or pet. It can be sliced unsalted cheese or dried beef lung from a pet store.
"Sit." This is the basic command. It is easy to study even very small puppies. Put the dog in front of you, show her the treat, slowly move it in front of the nose and over the dog's head stop arm. The puppy will sit. praise your pet and give him a treat. Repeat the exercise several times. At the end of class be sure to praise the toychik and play with him.
как сшить одежду для йорков
"To me!". This will protect your kid from troubles on the street, for example, from the teeth of large dogs or strangers. Start learning the team at home. Each time, beckoning the puppy, call him a nickname and give the command "come". As soon as the baby fit, immediately praise him and give treat. Don't punish for failure team, be sure to praise him every time he comes to you on command. do had his name. Once the team has mastered at home, you can practice on the street while walking .
той терьер как воспитывать
"Forward." The command is useful, for example, when you ask for toychik to jump in your bag for walking. Put the open bag on the floor. Throw in a piece of it, showing it to the kid. As soon as the puppy jumps at her command: "Forward!". Try to say a command along with the actions of the dog. After several repetitions, the sequence of actions can be changed : first the command, then drop the treat in the bag.
как распознать щенка йоркширского терьера
"No" or "Fu". This team, the only one in the study where the method of the carrot and not the stick. Choose your "stick", it may be a harsh word, or a rolled-up newspaper. Repeat the command with a stern voice, if any unwanted actions toychik at home or on the street.
стаффордширский терьер воспитание