Where to buy a puppy?

поводок для той терьера

Even if you plan to do your future dog star exhibitions and you do not care about her lineage, that is no reason to go for a puppy Bird market and other similar places. It is worth remembering the "bearded" anecdote about the bear sold instead of a hamster! Toy Terrier with the market may be a hybrid of unknown species, infectious diseases and "rich dowry" in the form of various parasites. All this you will have to treat. And yet the fact that the puppy will be able to save the kids, as a rule, a weak immune system.

купить той-терьера

That's why a puppy is to buy only from breeders with a good reputation. In order to meet such people, you need to go to dog shows, search the Internet for information about nurseries and clubs, seek the advice of other owners of the Terriers.

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Responsible breeder with a good reputation will definitely draw up a contract with you for sale puppy will provide you with all the necessary documents of your future pet. Be prepared to hear from the breeder questions about what conditions will contain the puppy what you expect of its future. You will also be able to see the parents of the little toy Terrier - it will help to form an idea about what the dog will be in adulthood.

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Think about the future of the pet

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Before you choose a puppy, you should clearly define for what purpose you get it. What kind of dog you want: breed, show, or just funny little friend? For this there are special categories of classes.

If you don't plan for your pet career, the stars of the shows and not want to participate in breeding, then you should pay attention to the puppy class, PET. Usually the same dogs have small defects, not allowing them to win prizes at exhibitions, and also participate in breeding. Thanks to the puppy class PET are much cheaper. But this does not mean that they are sick or "defective". The defects referred to, often not very visible to the eyes of the layman. And the dog will grow up as healthy and exciting as its more suitable for exhibitions and breeding work colleagues.

The following class - BREED, or BREEDING. This breeding dogs that are appropriate in order to continue the race, to maintain its quality. They can participate in exhibitions, but guarantee that they will take significant prizes - no. Of course, they will cost more than puppies class PET.

And finally, the most expensive puppies toy Terrier belong to the class of the SHOW. This is a dog that has not only tailored exhibition standards, but with special charm - courage. It is the combination of these qualities will enable the puppy to become a successful participant of the exhibitions. There is absolutely no reason to buy a dog, if you are ready to deal with her exhibition the future, so think carefully before you make a decision regarding the class of your little friend.

God bless you, baby!

If you are well decided on the class you need toy Terrier, remember a few rules for choosing a healthy baby. It would be better if at the moment of choice, the puppy will have at least 2 months - with age, the Terriers quickly and vary greatly. The puppy can be quite plump for his age it's normal harmony and grace will come to him later. You need curious, active toddler with clean eyes and nose. The coat should be shiny, smooth, without bald patches covering the body. Observe how puppies play, how they are cheerful and affectionate. The desire of the puppy to hide, to hide, to freeze - an unfavorable sign. This can be caused by infection or psychological disorder dogs. Find out from the breeder what and when vaccination was done, what the puppy was diet - after all, if you sharply put the dog on a different food, it can cause stomach upset. Try to stick to the content of the puppy recommendations you received from the breeder, don't hesitate to ask questions and to seek advice after they took the puppy. And then you have all chances to grow up healthy and happy Terrier!