Advice 1: How to name a puppy toy Terrier

Because in the apartment difficult to contain large dogs, small breeds are very popular among the citizens. These include the Terriers. Despite the fact that the word "the" in English is translated as "toy", it is quite a full-fledged dog, wonderful companions and the guards, happy and active and inquisitive.
How to name a puppy toy Terrier

Personality Terrier

The altitude of the Terriers at withers about 30 cm, color – shades of brown tones. Externally, with large bulging eyes and large erect ears, they are reminiscent of a fawn on his thin slender legs. This breed is considered to be decorative, so feels great in the apartment, the toy can be easily accustomed to the tray, but to deprive them of their walks, which they love, should not be. Love owners. The dog, which is separated with the owner a few days is a really touching sight – his great eyes seem filled with tears. May refuse food until the arrival of his friend.
For families that have small children, this breed is not very good, the toys are very noisy and thin-skinned in the literal sense – when used carelessly they can break the foot.

The character of this dog is friendly and cheerful, a little restless. Baby Toi is quite brave and, if not to kill, to bark at unfamiliar guests from head to toe. Therefore, in the apartment they often perform the function of door bell and announce the arrival of guests before they went to the door. Courage and bravery, characteristic of the Terrier, given it is not easy – very often they tremble with fear, or overstimulation, is one of the signs of the breed.

How to choose the name of the Terrier

Call the dog should always be with consideration of the peculiarities of her character. Now that you know it, it will be easier to choose the right name for the toe-girls, and toy-boy.
Experts say that dogs are easier to remember their name if there will be the sound "R".

The easiest option in the case when the dog has already received a name from the breeder, to come up with a shortened diminutive variant. Since all the puppies in this litter are called in the same letter, you can come up with a brand new nickname, which will also begin with the same letter. Team that until old age look like toy dogs, perfect name – the name of a cartoon character: Bambi, moxie, Barbie, sandy, Pumbaa, etc.

A nickname should be short enough and easily pronounced, keep in mind that you have to repeat it several times, beckoning the dog for a walk. It is not necessary to give the names, titles, king and Baron are more suited to large, majestic dogs. However, if you like to joke, people will always smile at your dog, hearing her name. You can see the list of names for toys on the Internet and choose any of the favorite, pulling off the lot.

Advice 2: How to teach your puppy that Terrier to the tray

A little puppy is always a lot of trouble – he is very active, does not know the commands and leaves puddles around the house. If you don't want to stumble on the traces of puppy life in the most unexpected places, teach theTerrier to the tray.
How to teach your puppy that Terrier to the tray
You will need
  • tray;
  • filler.
The sooner you start to do it – the faster your dog will understand what they want from it. Ideally, to begin to teach the Terrier to the tray with the moment you brought it into the house.
Ask the breeder how they were arranged toilet of the puppies in his house. Maybe a little toy Terriers used to go on the newspaper or the breeder used a special absorbent diapers or cat litter. The baby soon understand what is required of him, to accustom him to the new filler is gradually.
Purchase a tray with low bumpers, so that the puppy can get into it. If your toy Terrier is quite small, then put the tray in the same room where the bed of the puppy, as if the baby will feel the urge to urinate, he will not be able to stand and reach standing in the bathroom or the hallway of the tray. In a tray put the material that was used by the breeder – newspaper, cloth, filler.
Once you see that your toy Terrier stopped playing and started looking for a place where he could celebrate the need, put the dog in the tray and not let go until until it is done doing his business in the right place. Sometimes dogs have to sit for an hour, so please be patient. After the Terrier did what you want from him, be sure to encourage the puppy.
Gradually, you can teach your puppy to walk on that filler, which is convenient to you. If he wrote on the paper, sprinkle it on top of a bit of kitty litter, gradually increasing the amount and reducing the size of the newspaper. Also, when your toy Terrier will get older and will be able to restrain the urge to urinate, you can move the tray in a convenient place.
Even if your toy Terrier used to go in the tray, it does not mean that it is not necessary to walk. Be sure to take the puppy outside in good weather to grow up strong and healthy.

Advice 3: How to choose a puppy toy Terrier

Decorative dog breed toy Terrier gaining popularity as Pets. And no wonder: it is very thin feel mood of the owner, loyal, affectionate dog. A lot of places it does not require complex grooming too. But it is very important to choose the right puppy, to please you for many years afterwards.
How to choose a puppy toy Terrier

Where to buy a puppy?

Even if you plan to do your future dog star exhibitions and you do not care about her lineage, that is no reason to go for a puppy Bird market and other similar places. It is worth remembering the "bearded" anecdote about the bear sold instead of a hamster! Toy Terrier with the market may be a hybrid of unknown species, infectious diseases and "rich dowry" in the form of various parasites. All this you will have to treat. And yet the fact that the puppy will be able to save the kids, as a rule, a weak immune system.

That's why a puppy is to buy only from breeders with a good reputation. In order to meet such people, you need to go to dog shows, search the Internet for information about nurseries and clubs, seek the advice of other owners of the Terriers.

Responsible breeder with a good reputation will definitely draw up a contract with you for sale puppy will provide you with all the necessary documents of your future pet. Be prepared to hear from the breeder questions about what conditions will contain the puppy what you expect of its future. You will also be able to see the parents of the little toy Terrier - it will help to form an idea about what the dog will be in adulthood.

Think about the future of the pet

Before you choose a puppy, you should clearly define for what purpose you get it. What kind of dog you want: breed, show, or just funny little friend? For this there are special categories of classes.

If you don't plan for your pet career, the stars of the shows and not want to participate in breeding, then you should pay attention to the puppy class, PET. Usually the same dogs have small defects, not allowing them to win prizes at exhibitions, and also participate in breeding. Thanks to the puppy class PET are much cheaper. But this does not mean that they are sick or "defective". The defects referred to, often not very visible to the eyes of the layman. And the dog will grow up as healthy and exciting as its more suitable for exhibitions and breeding work colleagues.

The following class - BREED, or BREEDING. This breeding dogs that are appropriate in order to continue the race, to maintain its quality. They can participate in exhibitions, but guarantee that they will take significant prizes - no. Of course, they will cost more than puppies class PET.

And finally, the most expensive puppies toy Terrier belong to the class of the SHOW. This is a dog that has not only tailored exhibition standards, but with special charm - courage. It is the combination of these qualities will enable the puppy to become a successful participant of the exhibitions. There is absolutely no reason to buy a dog, if you are ready to deal with her exhibition the future, so think carefully before you make a decision regarding the class of your little friend.

God bless you, baby!

If you are well decided on the class you need toy Terrier, remember a few rules for choosing a healthy baby. It would be better if at the moment of choice, the puppy will have at least 2 months - with age, the Terriers quickly and vary greatly. The puppy can be quite plump for his age it's normal harmony and grace will come to him later. You need curious, active toddler with clean eyes and nose. The coat should be shiny, smooth, without bald patches covering the body. Observe how puppies play, how they are cheerful and affectionate. The desire of the puppy to hide, to hide, to freeze - an unfavorable sign. This can be caused by infection or psychological disorder dogs. Find out from the breeder what and when vaccination was done, what the puppy was diet - after all, if you sharply put the dog on a different food, it can cause stomach upset. Try to stick to the content of the puppy recommendations you received from the breeder, don't hesitate to ask questions and to seek advice after they took the puppy. And then you have all chances to grow up healthy and happy Terrier!

Advice 4: How to teach the Terrier teams

Training, or learning teams classes fun and available not only to the holders of the serious big dogs. Decorative toyTerriers can also be taught simple tricks, and useful for the owner and an interesting toychik. Consider a few simple commands that will be useful to you in the future.
How to teach the Terrier teams
You will need
  • A small treat or pet. It can be sliced unsalted cheese or dried beef lung from a pet store.
"Sit." This is the basic command. It is easy to study even very small puppies. Put the dog in front of you, show her the treat, slowly move it in front of the nose and over the dog's head stop arm. The puppy will sit. praise your pet and give him a treat. Repeat the exercise several times. At the end of class be sure to praise the toychik and play with him.
"To me!". This will protect your kid from troubles on the street, for example, from the teeth of large dogs or strangers. Start learning the team at home. Each time, beckoning the puppy, call him a nickname and give the command "come". As soon as the baby fit, immediately praise him and give treat. Don't punish for failure team, be sure to praise him every time he comes to you on command. do had his name. Once the team has mastered at home, you can practice on the street while walking .
"Forward." The command is useful, for example, when you ask for toychik to jump in your bag for walking. Put the open bag on the floor. Throw in a piece of it, showing it to the kid. As soon as the puppy jumps at her command: "Forward!". Try to say a command along with the actions of the dog. After several repetitions, the sequence of actions can be changed : first the command, then drop the treat in the bag.
"No" or "Fu". This team, the only one in the study where the method of the carrot and not the stick. Choose your "stick", it may be a harsh word, or a rolled-up newspaper. Repeat the command with a stern voice, if any unwanted actions toychik at home or on the street.
Despite its small size and decorative, the Terrier is easily trained, if the process brings joy to you and him. Therefore, fantasize, invent the commands you need, and exercise.
Useful advice
Do with the puppy every day for 10-15 minutes. Don't overdo it, exercise should be fun and you and your toy Terrier.

Advice 5: Puppies toy Terrier: nutrition and education

The Terriers, as well as representatives of other breeds of toy dogs, need education and proper feeding. The temptation to please his kid and plying him with Goodies from the table. However, this can lead to obesity or be the cause of diabetes.
Puppies toy Terrier: nutrition and education
Even so small, but badly bred dog can bring a lot of trouble and their owners, and other people. And who will enjoy not too healthy puppy from eating like a barrel with legs? Therefore it is necessary to take itself in hands and serious approach to the feeding and education of his toe.


Puppy at the age of 1.5–2 months is recommended to be fed 6 times a day, alternating the cheese, thinned with yogurt or milk, finely chopped raw meat and dairy products. To cook porridge, it is necessary to grind in a coffee grinder oatmeal, rice or buckwheat, good to tenderize, adding 1-3 grains of salt. The interval between feedings a day should be 3-4 hours, and at night you need to teach a puppy not to eat for 8 hours.

For 2-3 months you need to gradually increase the portions and to reduce the number of feedings to 5 times per day. Sometimes, instead of cereal milk to give porridge with meat. You must also enter in the diet of the pet boiled egg yolk.

In 3-5 months we should expand the menu due to the steamed vegetables and fish. Also your baby can drink cow's milk food. At this age, it is sufficient to feed the puppy 4 times a day.

From 5 to 9 months should translate Toya on the meals. And after 9 months the puppy is as an adult dog, is eating 2 times a day. Milk is no longer necessary, but don't neglect the cheese and dairy products, they are needed at any age.

Even an adult dog can not give the following foods: sweets, pasta, white bread. Threat to liver pet fatty, smoked and spicy food, sour cream and butter. As a replacement you can offer favorite fruit, occasional honey, dried black bread.


You should not delay raising a puppy for later. We should start as soon as the baby settled in your home. The first skills of right conduct should instill in your dogs the breeder, but the owner need to work hard on raising a pet.

First and foremost, is to teach your puppy to cleanliness. Need to make room in the newspaper or a special diaper. If the puppy "went" at the designated place, you must praise him and give a treat. Try to play with the baby day in active games, to the evening he was tired, calm and not noisy at night. Make sure that he was safe toys that you can chew. And the things he can spoil, better get out of sight.

You must teach your pet to walk on a leash and run the command "come", or suitable for toy-Terrier "handle" that he could listen to the owner on a walk. Even puppies need to get used safely stay home alone. To do this, start with twenty-minute absences, gradually increasing the time, and soon the pet will wait patiently for your return.

Teach your Terrier to perform simple commands, walk more often and play with him. But if you plan to participate in exhibitions, it is also necessary to train the puppy ring step and racks. All this develops the intelligence of a dog and keeps her from getting bored.

Remember that an adult dog is almost impossible to retrain all habits, bad and good, are formed in childhood, therefore treat the upbringing of a puppy toy Terrier responsibly and seriously.

Advice 6: How to feed Yorkshire Terrier puppy

Adult Yorkshire Terriers very similar to toy dogs – small and very cute. Perhaps that is why glamorous girls wear them on the hands and handbags. About the puppies and say nothing – it seems that soft toy. But it is not, the approach to the care and feeding of such dogs should be two times worse than eating dog is normal size. Proper nutrition – the guarantee of health of dogs and her beautiful appearance.
How to feed Yorkshire Terrier puppy
Buying a puppy of Yorkshire Terrierin detail ask the breeder how and what to eat the kid and what was the mode of this power. In the first 3-4 weeks stick to those recommendations and the diet followed by the breeder.
After the puppy turns 3 months, do it a second shot and start to translate it to another food. If you on the advice of your vet decided to feed him only dry food and industrial manufacturing, we only use food designed for puppies. Feed him three times a day and do not leave food in the bowl if he didn't finish his portion.
Follow the diet and feed your dog at the same time. Adhere to the nutritional standards, they are designed for dogs of a certain age. A bowl of water should be always full. Change its contents several times a day.
In that case, if you decide to feed puppy natural products, you will have to work extra hard the menu was varied and balanced for your small dog. All products must be perfectly fresh and give them necessary according to carefully calculated standards. If at the age of 3 months you began to move the dog to a new food, do it gradually over 10-14 days, replacing the old food with new food.
Meat puppy can be given only boiled, it can be: rabbit, Turkey, chicken, beef or lamb. From cereals, give preference to boiled rice and buckwheat. From dairy products puppy best offer: yogurt, fermented baked milk and yogurt. The menu cheese. It needs to be diluted yogurt to the condition of liquid sour cream and mash with a fork so that the puppy was easier to swallow.
The weight of one serving of food must not exceed the norms – 1 tablespoon with a slide of feed per pound of his weight. If it weighs 1 kg, then his serving – 2 tablespoons of food. After 3 months of serving of milk or yogurt is not considered a full feeding and must be supplemented with other foods.
In the diet of the puppy must be at least 50% meat. He can also give boiled vegetables, but up to six months, their number shall not exceed 1 tablespoon per day. After six months, the menu should appear raw vegetables. Avoid giving him fatty, sugary, salty or fried foods and eliminate gourmet products: chocolates, salmon, caviar, hard cheeses – for the baby it is harmful and heavy meals.
The diet of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy. When planning food puppy, we must not forget that this decorative dog with a very sensitive digestive system. Change feed gradually, mixing new food into the old so that the body is a little used. Mode of feeding: to Feed your puppy you need at a certain time, in small portions, not entertaining and not perekallia it. Puppy York eats
Useful advice
Puppy should be fed by the hour, in small portions, not perekallia and not pampering. Up to 2 months York fed 6 times a day, up to 4 months – 5 times, up to six months to 4 times, up to 10 months – 3 times. If you prefer a natural diet for your pet, combine different types of food throughout the day. With 10 months Yorkshire Terrier needs to be translated into two meals – so he will eat all his life.
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