For the removal of unwanted hair, go to the procedure of laser hair removal. In addition to direct removal, it will resolve the issue with the presence of dark hairs. The laser affects the hair follicles, destroying the contained melanin. After the first session it will become noticeable that the hair became paler and thinner. Spend five to six sessions to fully get rid of unwanted vegetation. This negative effect of the laser beam on the skin will be minimal. Damage with this method of hair removal can not be afraid.
Epilation is the least popular method of removing unwanted hair. If you have delicate and sensitive skin, you will appreciate this rather gentle way. It is based on the effects of light on the hair follicle, thus destroys its melanin and follicle. Hair becomes thinner and lighter and, in the end, it just stops growing.
Electrolysis allows you to remove hair from the body permanently, but on the condition that the course brought to an end. The essence of the procedure the influence of high temperature (thermolysis) and electric current (electrolysis) or a combination (blend-epilation). Blend hair removal is most effective: high temperature microburn provides the hair bulb and the electric current promotes the production inside it alkaline, which is detrimental to germ cells.
During the session, the onion introduces a thin needle, which is served momentum, after which the hair is removed with tweezers. The disadvantages of this method include the pain. But given the effectiveness of the procedure, can bear. For complete removal of hair takes 10-15 procedures. To reduce the amount you can initially do 2-3 sessions of hair removal. This will reduce the amount of hair and weaken follicles. But in each case is determined individually, the number of treatments depends on the patient.
You can also use less drastic methods. To remove hair using wax or sugar. The effect of these procedures is rather long. Although scalp and will recover in two to three weeks, but during this time the skin will stay smooth and soft.